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6 Powerful Benefits of Adopting Digital Mail Processing

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Simplify your business processes by utilizing digital mail processing when you need to send large batches of physical mail to clients, vendors, and associates.


Everything is changing with today’s technologies.

People no longer use the old modes of communication. Search engines are the new phone book and the modern encyclopedia. Texting provides an option for email and faxing. Social media has become our favorite way to interact with others. But despite these changes, one thing remains the same in the business world—the sending of physical letters.

Each day businesses send batches of physical mail. This is because business owners still have obligations to mail certain documents in the form of hard copies and retain proof of their delivery. Such documents include legal notices, tax and financial reports and statements, overdue collections, and other crucial notifications.

Preparing these documents and mailing them physically can sound like a simple task. But when you have to send them in large numbers to thousands of mailboxes, the task becomes tedious and tiresome. Here is where digital mail processing comes in.

What Is Digital Mail Processing?

Digital mail processing is technique that enables you to send physical mail online. Instead of posting your letters via couriers, delivery services, and the post office, you send it digitally. This process simplifies your business communications.

Importantly, digital mailing is not the same as emailing. Digital mailing is a hybrid approach that involves sorting and scanning of physical mail, converting it to digital form, and delivering it to its intended recipients as either a physical or an electronic document. In other words, your target addressee will receive your intended documents just as they would if you had sent them by physical mail.

But why should you adopt digital mail processing? Here are some benefits of taking this route:

Digital Mail Processing Will Save You Time and Money

“Time is money.” This is an old maxim but it is still relevant in the business world today. A minute you save on a given task can boost your profit margin, if only minimally. An hour you save can make an even greater difference to your bottom line.

In short, automating and digitizing your processes is a way of saving time and improving your business processes. This is what digital mail processing brings to the table.

Sending physical letters is tedious. Your staff has to buy printing supplies, organize and print letters, then add relevant addresses to envelopes. After that is all finished, they have to box the letters up and travel to a nearby post office to mail them. This process consumes a lot of time and resources.

But digital mail automates your mail plan. You do not need to go through these mailing hassles. All you will have to do is upload the letter or document you want to send, input the address details, and pick a delivery option. The rest will happen automatically. Basically, it saves you both time and money.

It’s Easy to Track Each Piece of Mail Digitally

Have you sent a letter that never reached its intended destination? Sometimes, mailed documents get lost in the posting process and the document never reaches the intended recipient. This problem is common when sending physical mail. Moreover, it is difficult to track a letter’s progress. You cannot tell when the letter will arrive or whether it was delivered.

But digital mail processing solves this problem. It gives you the ability to track the progress of each document you mail in this fashion. You will no longer have to guess whether your mail was delivered or not. Essentially, you can monitor the delivery process online. In short, you will no longer have lost mail or delayed deliveries. 


It Gives You Superior Record-Keeping

Record-keeping is essential for every business. You need to keep a record of all letters and return receipts. Whenever you send a letter by regular mail, you can require the recipient to send back a note to confirm they received it. You will then need to put that note in your files. This can be tedious, particularly when you have a thousand notes to file.

But digital mail processing streamlines record-keeping for mailings. Since your mailings will be digital, you can securely store your records to the cloud. Then you can access them whenever you need to.

You will no longer need to require recipients to send you copies of receipts, thereby improving the recipient’s experience. Also, you can save records in any format. For example, you can record the delivery date, the document title, clients’ names, and any other information about the mailing that is important to you. In this way, you will harness your mail record management.

Digital Mail Processing Improves Business Efficiency

Improving efficiency in your business is an invaluable goal. Making your business processes more efficient helps you reduce your operational costs and improves service delivery. Digital mail processing adds to this aspect because it centralizes and streamlines mail management.

Digital mail is unlike physical letters that require you to sort letters and store them in boxes. With digital mail, you can now store mailings on your desktop. You can also automate the classification of mail you send as well as documents you receive. This aspect gives you maximum control of your mail process and improves your business efficiency.