Best and Easiest Side Hustles for Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for more ways to use your skills and make a little extra cash? Here’s a list of side hustles for teachers. 

More and more teachers are finding ways to their skills and education to use outside of the classroom. For the most part, it has to do with the pay, but also they are finding more ways to repurpose what they are already providing to students. 

The best side hustles come from not having to recreate the wheel, and reuse what you have. In a teacher’s case, this could be repurposing teaching plans, creating printables and reselling them, or even revamping workbooks for other grade levels. 

TpT Seller 

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the hottest platforms for teacher business owners to be on. Think of it as Etsy for classrooms. Opening up a shop is easy and you can provide just about any product under the sun. This includes workbooks, lesson plans, printables, educational games, and more. For many teachers who want to make extra money, this is usually their first outlet. There are even some teachers who leave their career and turn their side hustles on TpT into being a full-time TpT seller!


Naturally, teachers are built to teach, so using those skills is important. There are tons of parents who look for virtual tutors, which could be really great, especially in your downtime. Some teachers even niche down their side hustles to things like test prep, English as a second language, or certain age groups. The scheduling usually works well for both the family and teacher, considering the student is operating on a school day as well. 


Etsy Store Owner 

If you have a creative eye and are interested in digital goods, Etsy is another platform you could start your own shop on. This also includes interests outside of teaching, so don’t think you are limited to just side hustles that are related to education. If you’re interested in gaining various insights and guides on how to empower your business or career by using innovative strategies, visit Income Artist to learn more.

Online Teaching 

Udemy is a huge platform offering courses on every subject imaginable. While you may currently be teaching children, Udemy usually offers courses for adults, so the curriculum may not be as easily repurposed, but teachers can definitely start earning a passive income by basing their side hustles on Udemy. 


Upwork and Fiverr are always options to extend your skills, especially if you are great at writing and resumes. This may take some time to build up clientele, as they seek you out for work. But the good news is you don’t have to look for the hustle, they come to you. 

Blogging and Youtubing 

Both of these hustles would likely be a long-term game, but using social media platforms like TikTok could boost your profile a little sooner. Most of the time you will need a following and be discoverable on Google before you start making any money. So we wouldn’t recommend this route if you are looking for immediate cash.

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More Side Hustle Ideas for Teachers 

  • Petsitting 
  • Nanny care 
  • Personal assistant
  • Reselling and refurbishing (such as furniture, antiques, etc.)
  • UberEats, Door Dash, Instacart
  • Podcasting 
  • House cleaning 

When it comes to finding your side hustle start with your most valuable skills first, as this is going to make you the most money due to your certifications and experience. 

If you want to venture outside of that, next think about the hobbies you are great at and what people would pay for. To make the most out of your side hustle, try not to trade your time for money so that you don’t cap yourself on salary and hours.