Common Reasons Employees Seek Restitution

Common Reasons People Seek Restitution from Their Employers

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Workplace mistreatment is hardly uncommon in the US. In fact, many members of the workforce have come to expect it from their employers. However, the fact that this type of behavior is widespread doesn’t make it any less unacceptable. Furthermore, certain actions on the part of an employer can open them up to legal action. Below are some common reasons workers seek restitution from their employers.


On-the-Job Injuries Can Cause Workers to Seek Restitution

It is incumbent upon every employer to provide their employees with a safe work environment. Many members of the workforce have come to expect some degree of mistreatment from their employers. But being injured on the job is not something they should have to constantly worry about.

So if any of your workers have incurred injuries as a result of an unsafe workplace and/or outright negligence on your part, don’t doubt that at least one or two of them will reach out to an attorney and try to find restitution.

The absolute least an employer can do is provide workers with safe working conditions. Rest assured that your more knowledegable employees will look for a good personal injury lawyer who can be an invaluable ally in this endeavor.

Unpaid Workers’ Compensation Is More Common Than You Might Think

If someone has been injured as a result of unsafe working conditions, it is your obligation to pay workers’ compensation claims.

Unfortunately, far too many employers find ridiculous reasons to refuse these claims. This effectively leaves injured employees high and dry. In many cases, these employers are banking on the affected parties not taking the appropriate legal action. After all, they wouldn’t skirt such an important obligation so brazenly if they didn’t think they wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

So if any of your workers has been injured on the job and you have ignored their compensation claims, they may seek restitution. They may call your bluff by reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney.

Unlawful Termination Can Lead a Former Employee to Seek Restitution

When it comes to letting employees go, many businesses are far from compassionate. As a result, fired employees often find themselves completely blindsided when their employers are looking to downsize.

If the circumstances surrounding a termination violate the employment contract or a worker’s general rights as a member of the workforce, they may have solid grounds for seeking restitution.

For example, if you fire someone for failing to meet a sales quota that you never outlined in their employment contract or even mentioned to them until the time of their firing, they can rightfully seek restitution. All they have to do is get in touch with a lawyer.

Similarly, if someone loses their job in response to a rules violation that has never before resulted in an employee losing their job, reaching out to an attorney may prove worth their while.

Sexual Harassment Is an Ongoing Problem

Harassment in the workplace is a problem that countless members of the workforce contend with on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s a problem that comes in a variety of forms.

Most notably, there’s sexual harassment. Surprisingly, this remains as persistent as ever despite heightened awareness of the issue. Anyone who has ever been objectified, inappropriately touched, or propositioned by any of their bosses or coworkers has been the victim of sexual harassment. And there’s no reason they should not seek restitution. The responsible parties should never get away with such behavior.

Unfortunately, a staggering number of employers look the other way when it comes to this issue. Many of them actively downplay it. Others simply refuse to acknowledge it altogether. Needless to say, this is hardly ideal for sexual harassment victims. They often feel unheard and trapped in unhealthy work situations.

However, regardless of how much an employer attempts to minimize the issue, they have the right to seek restitution. Workers who are tired of finding themselves on the receiving end of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior can call on a dependable attorney for relief. 



In the US, many members of the workforce have come to accept mistreatment from their employers as commonplace. And while they’re far from pleased with the way they’re treated at work, they often opt to roll with the punches instead of seeking recourse.

Although not wanting to rock the boat is perfectly understandable, there are certain types of behavior that no employee should have to tolerate. If you feel singled out by this article as an employer, commit now to improving working conditions for your employees. Otherwise, they have every right to contact a good attorney and seek restitution.