5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Getting Conversions

5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Conversions

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Are you seeing plenty of traffic to your website, but not many conversions? Are you confused about what to do next? Whether you have a high bounce rate or your traffic lingers without taking action, there’s a reason. You just have to figure out the cause.

Here’s a list of five common reasons website traffic doesn’t convert. Some or all of these reasons might apply to your business.

1. Your Copy Is Vague

Strong copy is the foundation of conversions. Whether your goal is to generate sales, video views, downloads, or email signups, you need to convince people do take your desired action. If your copy is vague, you won’t get the conversions you’re after.

There are several ways vague copy can be detrimental to your conversions. The first and most significant issue is boring headers. Most website visitors scan headlines looking for something that catches their interest. If they don’t see anything of interest, they bounce.

Your headers need to be intentionally crafted to capture interest from people scanning your content. However, what’s interesting to a web visitor will vary based on what was on their mind when they found your website.

For example, when a user searches for something specific, like “washable wool socks,” they’re going to be scanning content for exactly that, with an emphasis on “washable.” If they don’t see any headers that indicate a company’s wool socks can be washed normally, they’ll probably bounce and keep searching.

Take the time to craft specific headers that summarize the content that follows. Treat each section of each webpage as if it’s an individual piece of content. Don’t assume all visitors have read everything before each headline.

2. You Might Not Get Conversions If Your Typography Is Hard to Read

When typography is hard to read, visitors bounce fast. Does your typeface look good on desktop and mobile? Is it big enough for mobile users? Is the line height too short? Could your letter spacing be a bit wider?

When it comes to typography, less is more. You don’t want typography that stands out. You want typography that blends in so that your visitors don’t notice it when they read your content. When you’re after conversions, you want visitors to stay focused on the content of your site, not lost in admiring the aesthetics.

3. You’re Not Getting Conversions Because Your Offer Isn’t Desirable

A bad offer won’t generate conversions for obvious reasons. If you’re struggling with conversions, look at your offer to see if it’s really as good as you think. Is your offer good, but priced too high? Or is your offer somewhat bland and common?

Here are some common mistakes people make with offers:

  • They offer a free download that isn’t unique or interesting. These days, everyone seems to offer some kind of free download. If that’s your offer, make sure it provides exceptional value.
  • They offer something they want to give. You could be passionate about giving something to your market, but it might not be what they want. A good offer will always be what your market wants, regardless of what you want to provide.
  • There are barriers. Is it hard for people to get your offer? Barriers work against even the best offers. For instance, if your visitors have to sign up with their email address and then give you their cell phone number to get a discount, many people will pass.

Instead of offering the first thing that comes to mind, spend time crafting an offer that your target market can’t refuse.

4. Your Traffic Isn’t Targeted

Many business owners generate plenty of traffic, but not conversions. This is often a sign of untargeted traffic. While you can’t expect all of your traffic to convert, your conversion rate should be increasing over time. If it isn’t, you’re probably targeting the wrong market.

Revisit your targeted demographics to see if you can narrow your target down a bit more. The more specific your target audience, the better.


5. Your Landing Pages Don’t Match Your Ads

This issue borders on clickbait, although it’s not always intentional. If your ad headlines and images are sensationalized and they don’t match the content on your landing page, visitors will be confused and bounce.

Check your landing pages to make sure they match your ads. You may even want to reiterate the headline from your ad to make sure people know they’ve landed in the right spot.


Your Conversion Rate Should Increase Over Time

If your conversion rate isn’t increasing over time, it means you’re not fine-tuning your content and/or ads to reach the right visitors. This isn’t easy for non-marketers, so if you’re struggling, reach out to a professional marketing firm for help.