Why Complex Businesses Need a Customized Platform

Why Complex Businesses Need a Customized Platform

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What do complex businesses need today? They need one customized platform for their entire business operation. Moreover, this platform should automate processes as much as possible. Read on to learn more.


In today’s world, the time of simple businesses selling a few products is over. In order to compete, businesses need to perform in a wide array of dimensions.

To make a start, businesses nowadays need to sell a multitude of products to different target groups. Meanwhile, they must also optimize their customer service, lower their costs, and monitor their performance. The list of aspects to optimize for businesses goes on. For the most part, this makes doing business more complex and escalates the need for customized platforms.

Digital Transformation Projects Are Falling Short of Expectations

To solve this complexity, business owners and managers aim for digital technologies to make their lives easier. According to one estimate for the year 2018, companies spent $1.3 trillion on digital transformation.

However, a study by Boston Consulting Group in 2020 found that 70% of digital transformation projects do not meet their goals. Thus, there certainly is a mismatch between the expectations for digital transformation projects and what companies actually need to deliver on those expectations.

Why the Mismatch?

Businesses realize their problem and set their hopes on technology to fix it. The numbers mentioned above, however, prove that the solutions companies take now are often not working.

The reasons for this, according to the Forbes Technology Council, include a lack of coordination across teams, implementation of new technologies in old systems, and a lack of proper data.

Many Companies Need a Customized and Automated Platform

What do companies actually need? They need one customized platform that covers their whole business operations. Moreover, this platform should automate processes as much as possible.

An example of such a platform would be the one from Triggre. This platform requires no coding. Additionally, it offers customized automations for every business.

Because Triggre provides a multitude of templates on its platform, every business will always be able to find the customized solution to fit their needs and solve their problems.

Below is a real-life success story of a complex business that found success by working with the Triggre platform.

Read About the Success a Call Center Franchise Experienced with a Customized Platform

The value of Triggre is proven by the story of a call center franchise that expanded with three new offices in record time after implementing the Triggre platform.

This call center uses a Triggre customized platform for all of their business processes. They went from inefficient processes, double work, missed opportunities, and insane license fees to one integrated call center platform.

This platform offers them a customer portal, reporting, and call handling. The platform supports easy expansion of the business since scalability to new locations can be reached by one click. As the call center said themselves: “Triggre allowed us to become more efficient. Now everything is connected with each other.”


Is a Customized Platform Right for Your Company?

The 70% of failing digital transformations prove that companies acknowledge the need for digital transformation. But they struggle with making the right decisions for it. Also, this percentage calls for a thorough consideration of which digital transformations actually do work.

As this article proves, an automatized, scalable, and customized platform like the one from Triggre is the best fit for companies today. Obviously, by implementing such a platform, the 70% of fail stories could easily turn into 70% of success stories.