Guide to Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution for Care Homes

Guide to Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution for Care Homes

Effective marketing for care homes is the key to producing a profitable return on investment (ROI) and generating leads and move-ins at the optimal rate.

It’s imperative you maintain a high level of consistent customer engagement across every touchpoint. In order to do this, you must use the most effective, focused, and well-devised marketing strategies.

There are many tools available to help you achieve this objective. One of the most essential tools for marketing your care home is call tracking.

By purchasing call tracking UK software, you’ll open up many opportunities to propel your care home to new heights.

Additionally, marketing attribution is another crucial tool. Along with call tracking, this can further increase the success of your marketing strategies and improve your overall ROI.


Read on to learn what these tools are and how they can help your care home.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking software provides you with the tools to conduct expert analysis of all the phone calls made to and from your care home.

Using detailed metrics and insights, you can gain a thorough understanding of customer engagement across various touchpoints. The software can track the customer journey. It can show you how potential residents or their families engaged with your care home before, during, and after they called.

This information provides you with an in-depth understanding of customer behavior. It indicates how your marketing strategies are performing and how effective they are at converting prospects to move in.

For instance, you might find residents are engaging most with the content of a particular web page. Further, you could discover that the majority of those who visit this page are converting to a phone call afterward.

These are important insights which can help influence your future digital strategies.

What Is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is implemented to assess all the ways potential residents are interacting with your business. It shows you the exact journeys they take to convert to a sale.

The attribution process can involve the use of call tracking to extract data for the attribution model. But it also assesses all areas of interaction as well as calls.

Each touchpoint is analyzed to reveal how effective it is at increasing engagement and converting prospects to become move-ins.

There is a range of models for marketing attribution. Each one applies different levels of credit to certain points in a customer journey.

With expert call tracking software and an effective marketing attribution model, you can achieve a high level of engagement throughout your care home marketing. This will help you to produce a significantly better ROI.


How Can Care Homes Use Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution?

Devise Well-Tailored Strategies for Marketing Care Homes

Call tracking and marketing attribution can help you devise more effective marketing strategies. Moreover, you can tailor your marketing strategies to increase engagement.

With the data you extract you can create a customer journey map. This will allow you to see the touchpoints that produce the most engagement and conversions.

Once you know your most successful strategies, you can then begin to take this knowledge and apply it to new strategies. This will ensure they are creating the same high level of interaction from prospective residents.

Understand Future Care Home Residents’ Needs

It’s vital to understand the needs of your potential residents and their families. This will help you better address them in your marketing strategies and persuade a greater rate of move-ins.

For example, when you can view the main areas of engagement, this will reveal what customers need most from your business.

Moreover, high engagement at touchpoints displaying care home facilities means high quality facilities is a core desire for prospects.

Once your call tracking and attribution processes reveal this data to you, you can then make sure every identified need is being met more effectively.

Also, you can then tailor your marketing strategies to focus on displaying how your care home is satisfying these customer requirements.

This will greatly increase your move-ins. It will also improve the level of trust in your current and future resident relationships.

Employ More Cost-Efficient Marketing

By identifying the most successful and engaging touchpoints in your prospect’s journeys, you’ll know which strategies hold more value than others.

In response, you can make sure you focus more of your marketing budget on the best strategies. You might even create new, similar ones. Then you can funnel less of your money into the least engaging ones.

This will result in a more cost-efficient marketing strategy. This is especially important where every investment is going toward a proven, effective strategy that is highly likely to bring you multiple move-ins.

Furthermore, this produces a much better ROI for marketing for care homes.

Incorporate Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution into Your Care Home

If you haven’t yet incorporated call tracking and marketing attribution into your care home, it should be all the more evident that these fantastic tools are the best way to boost your marketing and increase your ROI.