Best Tips for a Successful Instagram Page

Best Tips for a Successful Instagram Page

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Thanks to the presence of shopping tags, many useful features, and different content formats, Instagram is one of the best social networks for creating a successful business account. Here’s how to use these tools to have a successful Instagram page.

According to market research agencies, more than half of the surveyed users positively evaluate the activity of commercial accounts on Instagram.

Users like active brands they can interact with. This means that your potential customers are ready to make online purchases. In short, they bring profit to companies and bloggers.

In today’s article, you will learn how to achieve high conversions through proper social media management on your Instagram page. We will look at the basic rules for effective promotion and learn more about the most effective tips.


Important Tips for Promoting Instagram Business Accounts

The rules below apply to the design of both your profile and your feed, the preparation of a content plan, and your interactions with your target audience.

Tip #1: Stick to a Consistent Style on Your Instagram Page

First of all, decide on the color scheme of your Instagram page. It is advisable to choose several well-matched shades in your corporate colors. Design your profile (avatar, stories) and your feed in these colors. You can also combine photos in your account using color accents or added filters.

In addition to the page design, choose the style of communication you will have with your audience. Decide what role you will play: Will you be a friend or a mentor? Try to stick to your chosen style when writing posts and responding to comments.

Tip #2: Don’t Depersonalize Your Business Page

To get feedback from your target audience and increase their activity, show the “face” of your business. To do this, introduce followers to your team in posts. Write about those who perform the various functions. Tell about how some of your specialists came to your team and describe the successes they have achieved.

If your business produces something, show the audience not only the final product, but also the process of its manufacture. For example, a fashion brand’s Instagram page can show the stage of creating the concept of a new line of dresses. A photo studio can show the back stages of filming.

Try to strike a balance between product and lifestyle, not hiding behind abstract pictures.

Tip #3: Be Clear About Your Terms and Prices

A merchant account is directly related to sales, so your audience needs to see a clear sales offer. If you want to turn visitors into subscribers and customers, be sure to indicate in your profile header and publications:

  • What the company specializes in
  • How it differs from competitors
  • The cost of its products
  • The terms of payment and delivery

Each potential buyer should receive answers to these questions about your business:

  • Who are you?
  • How can you be helpful to me?
  • How can I contact you?

The last point assumes the presence of communication methods and action buttons in the account header.

Tip #4: Add User-Generated Content to Your Feed

User-generated content is a great way not only to add variety to your Instagram page, but also to build brand trust. Such materials can be obtained for free, while looking lively and honest.

To get user-generated content, you can run a competition for the best video review or product photo with your branded hashtag. You can also run a temporary or permanent promotion by offering users a 10% discount for a detailed review.

Another option is to style your offline business in such a way that customers want to post their own content about your company on social media. For this purpose, rethink the interior design of your store by adding some style to it. Or establish a small zone in a café, furniture salon, or souvenir shop for original photos.

You can do this with the help of unusual décor or some exclusive vintage furniture like the pieces you will find from Williston Forge. You will soon recover the costs due to the free advertising you will get.

Tip #5: Provide Quick Feedback

It is important to instantly answer questions from interested users. You also need to maintain a dialogue in the comments by answering every remark addressed to you. This way you won’t lose potential customers.

You can hire a separate specialist to monitor comments and messages. However, to save money, we recommend streamlining this process by tracking comments and posts on your Instagram page with the help of a special service. There, you can also set up an autoresponder for new subscribers in your direct messages. Be sure to use this handy tool with its many useful settings.

Tip #6: Use Different Content Formats on Your Instagram Page

Use a variety of content types in your Instagram account. For example, Instagram Stories are ideal for gamification and publishing special offers. A post with a few photos is a good option for familiarizing your target audience with the range of goods or different variations of the same product.

You can increase engagement with the help of a marathon, confirm your expertise, or present a new line of products thanks to live broadcast. Don’t forget about videos, polls, and guides, too.

Tip #7: Post on Your Instagram Page Regularly

Post at least three or four times a week and offer up a few stories every day. But do not forget about the quality of the content. Planning your posting will help you focus on this detail. Make an effort to know the best times to post on Instagram. It will save you a lot of time and will help you spend valuable time on other, more creative tasks.

We also advise you to analyze the statistics of your Instagram account to determine the hours of your subscribers’ greatest activity. Publish content at this particular time. This will give you the most beneficial coverage. Learn more about Instagram’s algorithms in this awesome article:



Thoughtful maintenance of an Instagram page allows you to attract the attention of new potential customers, increase the loyalty of the target audience, and generate sales.

To increase conversions, take care of your unique selling offer, opt for a stylish page design, and be sure to post interesting content regularly.