5 Fresh Ideas for Your About Page to Attract More Customers

5 Fresh Ideas for Your About Page to Attract More Customers

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An about page is a powerful marketing tool. It provides critical information about your business while also creating a platform for lead generation. A well-written about page on your website will assist you in developing a solid brand and establishing yourself as the authority in your field. Importantly, it will also attract traffic to your site.

This is why giving your about page the right structure is vital. On that note, here are five fresh ideas to help you attract more customers to your site.


Craft a Compelling Headline for Your About Page

A headline on your about page can help grab your website visitors’ attention. Most visitors who click your about page are looking for solutions to a particular problem and hope to see you specialize in that.

Therefore, a headline summarizing your services is essential. It lets users know they are on the right site.

Your headline should be straightforward, catchy, witty, and benefit-driven. Let your users know you are here to aid them with their issues through your headings. Also, if possible, add subheadings to elaborate more.

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Tell a Story

An about page is incomplete without a bit of storytelling. You need to tell your customers about your business’s growth and problems over the years.

For example, a compelling narrative about the modest beginnings of your company or recent experiences you found amusing can win customers’ trust right away.

Spell out the difficulties and mistakes that prompted you to launch the business. You may also include what motivated you to start your product or services. Explain to website visitors why your product will make life easier for them.

However, it’s important to avoid gloating. In as much as your about page is about your business, if it is just a barrage of information about you it can become monotonous and uninteresting to readers. Stick with telling just the right stories about your business. This can make your website warm and realistic. It will draw people to your brand.

Post Pictures on Your About Page

Attaching pictures to your about page is an excellent way to attract customers to your brand. No matter how well-written your about page is, having only words there will not gain you the desired traffic.

To make your about page more attractive, you can create a collage of photos of your work activities, employees, yourself, and your company logo. These pictures should break up the text at intervals, creating a better user experience for your customers.

You can also include videos as they are an excellent addition to the mix. This will also make your page more engaging and give it a more natural and human appearance.

Social Proof

Customers are keen on finding out about your qualifications, experience, and work history before they contact you. In fact, this is often part of why they visit your about page in the first place. Therefore, your about page should be fact-driven and full of testimonies, press mentions, and any awards you have gotten.

You can also include content made by your customers or clients using your product. Additionally, honest reviews also add a nice touch. Customers are more likely to purchase your product if other customers have good things to say about it.

Additionally, the number of goods or services you offer and how long you’ve been in business can also affect customers’ purchase decisions.


Include a Call to Action

Once you have expressed yourself using the above-mentioned measures, you should conclude your page with a call to action (CTA). A call to action is a trade tactic that spells out an instruction for the reader to follow. For example, you might want to encourage them to click links that take them to a subscription form or a contact form.

So your call to action should appear on your page as a hyperlink that takes your customers directly to check out your products, visit your blog, sign up for your email list, start a free trial, or contact customer service.


You can also attach your social media pages for customers to view more content from you. All CTA’s are essential in continuing a user’s journey after visiting your about page.

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