WhiteBIT CEO Tells How His Company Helps Ukraine

WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov on How His Company Helps Ukraine

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Russian aggression has been terrorizing Ukraine for more than four months now. From day one of the war, Volodymyr Nosov and his team have been actively helping their home country. They have supported their compatriots and tried to improve their homeland’s economy. Volodymyr Nosov tells us how WhiteBIT helps his motherland and how you can also do your part.


How Does WhiteBIT Help Ukraine?

Since the start of the bombings, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, led by Nosov, has donated more than $4 million to Ukraine’s war efforts. The company’s management team and employees gave ₴44 million (roughly $109,000).

“We regularly participate in charity events,” Volodymyr Nosov said. For example, WhiteBIT bought the Eurovision cup, won by the Ukrainian rap group in March 2022, for almost $1 million. In another instance, WhiteBIT donated ₴10 million to the presidential fundraising platform in May. Nosov went on to say that this is just “a small part of the overall contribution made by our unbelievable people for the sake of our victory.”

The crypto exchange also donated ₴900,000 during a charity event where a Ukrainian paralympic champion sold his gold trophy. The company subsequently returned the medal to the champion.

From the first days of hostilities, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange has participated in large-scale efforts to raise funds for the needs of the military forces, affected residents, and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Another key point is that Volodymyr Nosov regularly publishes reports and fundraising successes of Whitepay on his social media pages. (Whitepay is another project within the WhiteBIT ecosystem.)

Nosov Understood That WhiteBIT Could Help

Volodymyr Nosov commented, “In April, we signed an important agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Since WhiteBIT has recently started expanding the market, we knew that we could help our native city, Kharkiv, and our country in the international space. Namely, we will help our consulates in technical and informational ways to eliminate communication problems for Ukrainians who currently live abroad.”

Volodymyr Nosov also shared that the WhiteBIT exchange is not only about being the best place to buy crypto. It is also about being a big family eager to expand its horizons and support charitable initiatives aimed at helping Ukraine and the company’s home city, Kharkiv, in wartime.

What Makes the Whitebit Cryptocurrency Exchange Unique?

WhiteBIT is a major European exchange with three million users worldwide. The exchange is one of the most secure trading platforms in the world, according to an audit carried out by Hacken.

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange gives access to more than 450 trading pairs, margin trading with up to 20 times leverage, and the trading of bitcoin perpetual futures. The Kharkiv-based cryptocurrency exchange regularly conducts activities with substantial amounts of digital assets as prize pools for its community. The company’s team works hard to increase blockchain technology adoption in Ukraine and worldwide.

The WhiteBIT website and app support more than 10 languages. They offer an attractive referral program, loads of digital assets, and round-the-clock support for all WhiteBIT clients.

The company also operates according to anti-money laundering policies. They require an identity verification procedure to identify users and perform continual financial monitoring to avoid illegal activity.

Headed by Volodymyr Nosov, the crypto exchange employs 600 people who are actively involved in helping Ukraine.


How Can You Contribute?

Anyone with access to the internet can support Ukrainians in their battle for freedom with the help of digital assets. Do this with only a couple of clicks using the Whitepay crypto processing platform. On the platform’s website, you can:

  • Send aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (including the Territorial Defense Forces)
  • Contribute to the United24 platform

“We are all in this together, and our victory greatly depends on Ukrainians and everyone willing to defend freedom, peace, and a bright future for the next generations,” Volodymyr Nosov stated.