Increasing Your Business's Online Sales on Amazon

Increasing Your Business’s Online Sales on Amazon

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In this article, we share with you how to increase your business’s online sales via Amazon. Have we piqued your interest? Then read on.


These days it’s almost impossible to find someone who has never bought anything on Amazon. According to recent statistics, 76% of UK adults have visited in the last seven days. Meanwhile, 63% of online shoppers now start their online product search journey on Amazon.

Stats like these shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider that Amazon is now the world’s biggest product search engine. This massive site sells everything from toys and books to film and music, fashion and beauty, homeware, and kitchen appliances.

More and More Brands List Their Products on Amazon

The rise in Amazon’s popularity has seen more and more brands listing their products on the platform to reach an ever-increasing audience. Anyone can set up their business via this giant online retailer and start selling. However, it can be tricky to market the products in such a way that they get noticed by consumers and stand out from competitors.

Melody helps businesses increase their sales on Amazon. They support brands in showcasing their products to buyers. They are also the UK’s only independent shopper agency to be part of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network.

So whether you are a small business owner who wants to promote a few of your products or a large corporation with product ranges spanning multiple categories, Melody can help you with Amazon Sponsored Ads (e-commerce media buying). Use Melody’s methods to boost your sales on Amazon.

And that’s just the start. They can also help you with account management, e-commerce content, and reporting. So far, Melody has already generated more than £250,000,000 in sales for clients such as PepsiCo, WD, Fitbit, and Epson. And they can help your company generate more sales, too.

Types of Sponsored Ads You Can Use on Amazon

To give you an idea of the different sponsored ad services Melody specializes in, here’s a quick top line guide:

Above the Fold Content

Above the fold content is the part of a web page that sits just underneath the browser window, before someone starts scrolling. It’s the first thing potential customers see, so it’s important you get it right. Melody can help you optimize the product imagery to concentrate more on product features and benefits. They can also help you to write strong, engaging copy that’s search engine optimized to drive sales not just searches.

A+ Content and Amazon Brand Stores

A+ Content gives you a chance to tell your brand story and showcase more of your products on one page, without any competitor intrusion. According to Amazon, A+ Content results in a 5.6% sales lift on average. It can boost traffic and reviews from consumers.

Brand Stores help to increase customer education about your range of products. They improve cross-selling and repeat purchases, as well. And they also direct buyers to the page from Google and Social media channels.

The staff members at Melody use their skills and experience to ensure you show your products off at their very best. They help you find the right balance between product detail and brand personality to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Brands

There are multiple sponsored advertising ads available on Amazon. Sponsored ads are the first thing the buyer sees. This because these ads are located at the very top, bottom, or right-side rail of the search results. Therefore, they significantly increase the visibility of your brand and product. Additionally, a sponsored ad gives you a huge advantage over competitors.

Sellers can use Sponsored Brand advertising to promote many products at the same time while also linking them to the brand’s online store and displaying your logo and tagline.

This ad type can also be directed to a specific landing page instead of the brand’s online store. Therefore, it is ideal for communicating a brand’s image and increasing awareness.

In addition, the more people who see your ad and click on it, the more data you will have about your demographic and the keywords they use when searching for a particular product. You can then use this information to improve your campaign’s effectiveness.

Sponsored Products on Amazon

This is the best method when it comes to generating sales and drawing customer attention to your products instead of your competitors. When buyers search for a certain phrase, keyword, or look at competitor items, this ad will show up and display your products.

This allows you to increase your product’s visibility, promote and target specific items, and significantly increase sales compared to other ad types. These ads also easily blend in with organic (non-sponsored) listings. This makes them look like standard search results.

Sponsored Display on Amazon

With a sponsored display ad, you can choose which product pages your ads appear on. For example, you can have your ads show up next to similar products from competitors or items that naturally complement each other. You can also use these to target certain groups and categories, as well as re-target customers who have already interacted with a product or brand on Amazon.

Sponsored displays allow firms to show their items on competitor listings and target audiences in the market without them having to actively look for them. These ads raise product awareness through audience behavior, reaching people who aren’t necessarily looking for your goods. They provide you access to a larger audience than other ad formats do. This may result in a smaller sales return, but it can greatly increase visibility and volume on Amazon.

Sponsored Brand Video

These are video ads that allow you to use innovative and entertaining video content to showcase your products.

According to a recent report, 84% of consumers were persuaded to buy a product or service after watching a sponsored brand video. Moreover, sponsored brand video ads have been proven to have a better level of engagement than standard sponsored brand ads.

Probably for this reason, these ads have a better click-through rate and revenue potential compared to standard non-video formats. As the customer scrolls through the listings, these ads show up in the search results, creating impact and drawing attention to your product.

Melody can help you create brand videos. This will significantly help to increase engagement and brand exposure while also generating more sales.


Melody Helps You to Better Target Your Ads

All these formats can be used to increase your sales on Amazon. But Melody can do so much more by helping you to better target your ads with:

  • Keywords (words or phrases which you want to target)
  • ASINs (target competitors of your products, so that your goods will appear on the product detail page of the competitor when a customer is looking at it in “products related to this item” or “more items to explore” sections)
  • Audiences (this feature is exclusively available in Sponsored Display, where you may target people who shop or are interested in specific categories, as well as people who have previously engaged with your brand

Melody can also help you with Amazon advertising reports. These show impressions, clicks, and return on ad spend metrics.

Amazon sponsored advertising is crucial for any business wanting to promote its brand and products on the Amazon marketplace. To ensure you’re using the best services at the right time to target the right audience, we’d always recommend you use an agency with the expert knowledge you need to get things right.