Direct Mail Business: Start Yours for Free

Direct Mail Business: Start Yours for Free

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The direct mail business exploded when Sears, Roebuck and Co. mailed out their first catalog in 1887. They became the biggest retailer in America for the next hundred years. Today there are millions of direct mail advertising catalogs and envelopes flooding America’s mailboxes weekly. Mail advertising accounts for over 90% of the US Postal Service’s total mail volume.


Thousands of entrepreneurs are succeeding in the direct mail business. Most direct mail publishers work part time while earning a full time living. Average publisher incomes are more than $150,000.

All you need in order to start your own direct mail business is a computer with an internet connection. Then you can learn this business by viewing an informative video on the website. Start for free, or choose another level with more features for a small fee. When you do, you can utilize resources at These resources include samples, ad designing, printing, and mailing.

You Can Copy Arthur Gottlieb’s Direct Mail Business Plan for Free

Since 2008 Arthur Gottlieb has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in getting into their own successful advertising businesses. Initially he started with newspapers, then magazines, then postcards. And now he has moved on to the game-changing Monster Flyers. He says you’re welcome to copy his business plan for free, which you can find on the website.

Direct mail advertising connects local businesses to their customers and best prospects. What’s more, the Monster Flyer is a superior format of direct mail. With no envelopes to open or pages to turn it’s easier for people to use. Therefore, it’s more likely they will view the advertising businesses’ advertisements. In fact, it’s ten times more likely.

The Monster Flyer is a giant 18- by 24-inch heavy-weight colorful glossy flyer that folds down into 9 by 12 twelve inches to fit into mailboxes. This makes it the biggest mail piece in the mailbox, so it can’t go unnoticed. It’s captivating, effective, and profitable.

Direct Mail Is a Legitimate Home-Based Business

You can operate your direct mail advertising business from home and thereby give yourself an opportunity for an unlimited income. Then you can sell ads close to home, often in your own zip code. Take the ads yourself, or have salespeople do it for you. The advertisers stay in the Monster Flyer more than 95% of the time, month after month, creating a residual income for publishers.

Traditional direct mail franchises cost on average $50,000.00, and they’re worth it. But Monster Flyer has no franchise fees or royalties. This makes it a great option for a low-cost startup. What’s more, the business model is not complicated. Gottlieb has tweaked it for fifteen years and made it foolproof.

This means you can start your own direct mail media franchise without purchasing one. You can also expand in your city from Zip Code to Zip Code without incurring additional costs. Just partner with Arthur Gottlieb, or do it yourself for free.

This is the perfect business either for people who are still working full time or retirees. That’s because you can work at your own pace. You can work an hour or two a week and take three or four months to get your first Monster Flyer out. The businesses that have placed ads will wait, because there’s nothing like it and nothing half as good. On the other hand, if you have time to work at it, you could get your first Monster Flyer out in just a few weeks.

Monster Flyer Needs Partners in Every City

Monster Flyers needs direct mail business partners in every city. Arthur Gottlieb is in Florida and can’t work everywhere. He can’t work in your city. But you can.

You visit the businesses in your city and if you partner with Arthur, he will provide samples, do your ad designs, and also do your printing and mailing. You don’t even need experience.

This is a commonsense business which has been flourishing for more than a hundred years. The sales pitches and ad prices are in the 200 samples Arthur provides when you partner with him. Moreover, with the sales pitches in the sample, you don’t need to be a sales expert. Junior high school students sell ads to businesses for their school’s yearbook. This suggests that you can sell ads to businesses in your city.

Ads are sold for as little as three cents per home, delivered in the mailbox. For as little as three cents, the businesses can send a color advertisement to their customers and best prospects in their mailbox. Their customers might be the homes surrounding their business or other businesses in their zip code.

It’s the best format of advertising created in the last 50 years and business owners love it. Plus, this business model gives you a way to support local businesses while at the same time creating your own profitable business.


How to Get Started with Your Direct Mail Business

Visit website or call Arthur Gottlieb directly at his home at 954-534-9368. This is a landline so don’t text. Arthur will be glad to answer any questions you have. However, please review the website first. And don’t wait to get started. Call today!