Curb Appeal

How to Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Featured image by Josh Appel from Unsplash

You could have the best store and product in the industry. However, if your curb appeal doesn’t look professional, attractive, and enticing, you won’t get as many customers entering your premises to discover just how great your retail shop is.

So, by improving your store’s curb appeal, which simply refers to your storefront and its surroundings making a good impression, you can create the right image to attract more customers and, in turn, boost sales.

Thankfully, there are lots of simple ways to improve your curb appeal. Here are some ideas that you’ll want to consider.


Clean Up the Exterior

To make a good first impression, you need to definitely avoid things like dirty windows, unclean pathways, and flaking paintwork.

Make sure that you clean the exterior of your retail shop every day. Also, address any jobs that need doing. That means doing things like scrubbing steps outside the door, cleaning windows, and repainting the exterior of your store.

In fact, with regard to the latter, you don’t need to wait until the paintwork starts to fade and flake to update your curb appeal. Giving your store’s exterior a fresh lick of paint that suits your brand colors, can make a significant difference in attracting new customers.


Put Up New Signage

Putting up a new shop sign can make your store look new and fresh. In turn, passers-by will take more note of your retail store and are more likely to go inside. You should also consider using other signage to make your store catch potential customers’ eyes.

One great idea is to use clear stickers in your window. These can be especially effective for promoting seasonal bargains and special offers.

By using custom transparent stickers, you can significantly improve your retail shop’s curb appeal.

Place a Sandwich Board Outside Your Store

Following on from the last suggestion, a simple but effective way to improve your curb appeal is to put up a sandwich board in the street outside your store. Though, make sure you place it on your property or obtain permission to put it on a public sidewalk.

By adding a sandwich board to promote your business, more people will notice your store and go inside.

Add Greenery to Your Shop’s Frontage

Putting hanging baskets of flowers and potted plants outside the door of your retail shop can brighten up the place, make it more attractive, and give your store a fresh and vibrant feel.

Adding plants and flowers to the exterior of your store is a simple thing you can do to boost curb appeal. It’s guaranteed to result in more customers giving your store attention and deciding to go inside.


When it comes to your window display and the outside of your retail shop, make sure there isn’t too much clutter. You need to lead potential customers’ eyes to the positives. So, get rid of any unwanted tat that could confuse customers and put them off from entering.

Make Your Store More Accessible

If your store makes access difficult for people with disabilities, you definitely need to improve the access to your retail store.

For instance, you could replace steps with a ramp so that people in wheelchairs or people who have mobility problems can more easily enter your shop.

Create Exciting Window Displays

Large stores pay window dressers to come up with exciting window displays for a good reason. They know that attractive window displays can generate a buzz around their stores and get more customers through the door.

You don’t need to hire a professional window dresser. However, by approaching your window displays with an imaginative flair and using design skills, you can certainly make your storefront and curb appeal more attractive.

You should particularly go all out on your window display during the holiday season.

Now you know how to improve your retail shop’s curb appeal. Next, find out how you can take your brick and mortar business online.