6 Easy Apps to Sell Your Items Online: Quick and Easy

Featured image by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

Do you have excess items lying around accumulating dust in your home or business that you never use but don’t want to spend the day organizing a yard sale outside in the heat to sell them? It’s time to get acquainted with these selling applications. They will help you declutter your home or business and generating additional income from these unwanted items.

Unfortunately, most individuals never consider taking advantage of this untapped treasure.

When you stop using something, you forget you have it and you forget it has value. Although selling old items might seem time-consuming and tiresome, the amount of valuable but long-forgotten possessions grows with time.

Selling unwanted stuff has never been simpler thanks to the development of smartphone applications for online markets. Simple steps like downloading a free selling software, using your phone’s camera to take a picture of the item, and listing it instantly work.

Best Apps for Selling Items

Since most of these apps allow you to set your own prices, you’re sure to get fast money now for all your unwanted items. Here are our top apps for selling your items:

1. Shpock

“Shop in your Pocket” is shortened to Shpock. This software, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, features a big image of your listing. Consider Pinterest with its huge, vibrant pins.

When customers are just looking at the map, a little image with your precise position populates. To read a spoken description of your product, users must click on the pinpoint.

Consider that you are promoting a bicycle. Instead of a description of the bike’s size, model, and price, an image of your bike that you want to sell will show.

2. OfferUp

An app called OfferUp rewards repeat merchants who provide positive client experiences. Both buyers and sellers may provide comments for a specific transaction. The feedback tool is quite helpful for ensuring that you are not the victim of fraud. You may connect your Facebook account as extra security to establish your identity.

The best way to describe OfferUp is as a smaller-scale eBay. With the in-app chat tool, you may make a counteroffer, add things to a watch list, and ask the seller questions. The usage of this software is free. By entering their zip code or city, buyers may search properties by category or vicinity.

The applications Letgo and OfferUp have merged into one. Former Letgo users may utilize OfferUp and its community meeting spots, which are safety-focused, to buy or sell nearby.

3. Poshmark

Wish to sell some clothing? Try Poshmark out. It costs nothing to list clothes for adults and kids. Poshmark also offers free prepaid shipping labels with every purchase you make. You may take a few images and instantly submit them to your closet using the Poshmark app.

Poshmark has the advantage of allowing customers to see through your whole closet. Even if they are seeking a certain brand, they can quickly enter your closet to check your other listings.

4. Freecycle

Want to recycle and rehome your belongings but aren’t too concerned about generating money? Share it with one of the nine million other members of Freecycle by posting it in your neighborhood group.

This nonprofit network was established in 2003 and is regulated by neighborhood volunteers. It includes all categories, from furniture to children’s crafts. Make your own arrangements on how to transport goods to your local organizations, find a nice new home for your belongings, and keep them out of landfills. Membership, listings, selling, and purchasing are all free.

5. Instagram Marketplace

To find products for sale in your neighborhood, tap the “Marketplace” button at the bottom of your Facebook app. You may post all of your items to sell here, including furniture, appliances, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, and even real estate.

Simply choose a category for your item, provide a short description, a picture, and a price, decide on collection or delivery, and wait for an offer. Buyers may sort products by location, price, and category (so be as detailed as you can with yours), and they will then get in touch with you through Messenger. a quick and efficient method to donate your unwanted items without paying to ship.

6. Hoobly

The site Hoobly works best for selling adoptable pets. Although the app allows you to sell other products, the service’s target market is mostly pet owners. Both iOS and Android smartphones may access it, and posting is free.

You may sell pets using the other applications as well. However, Hoobly has a solid web reputation in this market, so it could be time well spent.


How to Sell Things Faster?

Your chances of selling an item increase as you lower the price. You shouldn’t be afraid to sell things because of the competition. Statistics say that 75% of people shop online, which is at least once a month. It means that you have every chance to make good money. There is no secret to selling something quickly, but there are a few simple pieces of advice that are always beneficial.

Here are some pointers to help you make the most of your app selling potential:

1. Superior Images

Making ensuring your photographs are of good quality is a sometimes ignored marketing strategy. Make sure your object is acceptable, the backdrop is basic, and the lighting is adequate. Nobody will spend a lot of money on a wrinkled garment or dusty jewelry.

2. Keywords 

The relevance of keywords varies based on the mobile app. Since many platforms depend on search bars, you must ensure that the item name contains all of the essential information.

3. List on Several Profit-Making Apps

To increase your chances of selling your products, you may also want to think about listing them on many other websites.


To assist you to sell locally, there are several selling applications available. It takes time to get rid of your belongings. However, if you put in a little work and have a list of applications like the ones we’ve provided above, you can transfer your goods out and watch the money come in.

It may seem intimidating to choose only a few applications from the vast selection, but doing so is fast and simple. Some applications for selling are limited to select locations or product categories.