5 Reasons Your Team Is Unmotivated and How to Fix It

5 Reasons Your Team Is Unmotivated (And How to Fix It)

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Whether you are a business owner, a store manager, or a football coach it is essential to have a team around you that is doing their jobs well. However, managing any team is no easy task. This is especially true when your employees are unmotivated.

An unmotivated team both springs from and leads to a negative work environment where tasks are not completed efficiently. One of a manager’s most important (and most difficult) jobs is to improve team performance. So let’s look at five reasons why your team isn’t motivated and how you can fix it.


They’re Unmotivated Because They Don’t See Value in Their Jobs

People need to have purpose in their lives. Even more than that, people need to feel valued. A meaningful job is essential to any worker. We love to feel like we are making a difference in this vast universe, especially when we go to work.

When an employee or worker feels as if their job is not important this can greatly affect their motivation. People who feel their work has value are much more likely to perform better. Motivation is easy to come by for those who feel their job has a greater purpose.


If team members are feeling a lack of value in their work it is essential that you as the manager rekindle that motivation by expressing appreciation. Praising an employee’s work will leave them feeling a greater sense of importance. Explaining what the results of their work mean to the company on a larger scale will also go a long way in making them feel the true extent of their importance.

Their Workload Is Too Heavy or Too Light

Too much or too little of a workload can affect motivation. Too light of a workload can result in boredom. As there is no work to be done, lack of motivation slips in.

On the other hand, a massive workload can have a similar effect. Workers can become stressed. They feel pressured and overwhelmed. They begin to feel as if the work will never end and they will never get everything done. With no end in sight, they lose motivation.


This is a fix that requires a manager to be vigilant. You need to keep your ear to the ground. You will want your team to have a balanced workload. If you notice a certain employee constantly on overtime, it may be a good time to check in with them. See if they are feeling overwhelmed by their workload.

Similarly, check in with workers who seem bored. Maybe these employees need a new assignment that interests them.

They’re Unmotivated Because of Negativity in the Work Environment

David Smith, general manager at cardonationcenters.org says, “I find when my team is happy work flows much better.” A positive work environment is an essential factor in having a motivated team.

Smith advises, “Making sure workers have all the necessary equipment for completing their tasks is essential to high motivation. Ideally, all the team members should get on well together as conflicts can always tear down motivation.”

He further believes that “it is important to keep the atmosphere friendly and welcoming, so if problems do arise workers are comfortable coming to you.”


Similarly to our last solution, check in regularly with your team. Be aware of what they may need as far as supplies that would make their job easier.

Also remain vigilant about any possible workplace conflicts. As a team leader, workers look to you for guidance when it comes to conflict resolution. You have to set the tone of the work environment as a team leader.

You’re Not Paying Them Enough for What They Do for You

Many studies show that employee pay is quite far down the list of the things that are essential to employee happiness and motivation. Pay is nonetheless a contributing factor to workers being unmotivated. Again, this goes back to how workers feel their work is valued. Poor pay can be interpreted as meaning the work they do is unimportant to you. This can lead to low motivation.


While you may not currently be able to pay your workers higher wages, other types of rewards can an excellent way to motivate workers. This could be healthcare or shares in the company. This is almost a surefire way to fire up employee motivation.

Workers Are Unmotivated Because They’re Mentally Exhausted

It is not uncommon for team members to become tired and drained from working in the office day after day. Monotony makes working unbearable and the motivation to be in the workplace declines precipitously. 


A top trick is for some managers to encourage workers to show up a few minutes early for a meeting. Be sure to have coffee and breakfast treats at the ready when people arrive. A lighthearted start to the day can give everyone time to socialize and talk about topics other than work with their team.

This practice can prove beneficial as employees feel a little more relaxed in the office throughout the day—while still being motivated to do their jobs. 


When Your Team Is Unmotivated It’s Your Job to Fix It

These are five reasons why your team isn’t motivated and how to do something about it. So as the company owner or the team manager, it is important to build good relationships with your team members. They must always feel comfortable coming to you for help. Don’t forget it is not only your job to guide your team but also to motivate them.