What Are the Top Selling Medical Devices?

What Are the Top Selling Medical Devices?

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There are so many groundbreaking and innovative devices that have been transformational in the medical industry. The question is which medical devices have proved to be the best sellers?

If you look at the typical workload of a top medical device contract manufacturing, you can quickly see that they play a key role in turning game-changing ideas into a tangible reality. These innovative devices deliver better patient services and outcomes.

Here is a look at some of the medical devices that have proved to be extremely popular.

mRNA Technology Offers a Whole Host of New Treatment Options

Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) is a single-stranded RNA molecule. It carries the genetic data that is sourced from our DNA code.

What some medical device manufacturers have discovered is that mRNA technology can replicate the process to make antibodies outside the body using protein-based drugs.

What mRNA technology delivers is a way for the body to manufacture the proteins internally. The ability to get the body to produce a drug-like response gives rise to a potential alternative to traditional vaccines.

3D Printing Plays a Key Role in the Field of Medical Devices

3D printing technology offers practically endless possibilities to the medical device manufacturing sector. So it is not hard to see why industry watchers view it as the hottest technology in the healthcare sector.

Some of the uses of 3D printing include 3D-printed prosthetics as well as implants and replacement joints. As a result of pinpoint digital accuracy, it is entirely feasible to print a bespoke prosthetic that matches an individual patient’s exact requirements.

Moreover, this technology can print medical instruments and even enables the growing of artificial organs. These possibilities reveal the breadth and depth of the possibilities of 3D printing technology.

It is little wonder that medical device manufacturers are focusing a lot of their R&D budgets as well as their production line investment capital on meeting the ever-increasing demand for 3D printing solutions.


Health Wearables Are Seeing a Surge in Demand

It has now become commonplace to use Bluetooth technology connected to a variety of health wearables, such as a smartwatch, to monitor important data. For example, these devices can measure oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram information.

Health wearables have even evolved into what are referred to as “insideables.” Patients swallow “smart pills” that transmit information from inside the body and help in the diagnostic process. This is a new area of expansion within the medical device manufacturing sector. The creation of insideables will surely grow.

Meanwhile, the use of a plethora of available health wearables continues to grow. In fact, you have a wide array of choices if you are looking for tech to help improve or monitor your health profile by using real-time data.

What New Medical Devices Will Appear Next?

Medical devices become more sophisticated as the industry evolves. This creates manufacturing challenges that the sector is more than ready to deal with.

Watch this space to see what new technologies will become a manufactured reality from the seed of an original and innovative idea.