10 Writing Tips for Bulk Email Marketing

10 Writing Tips for Bulk Email Marketing

Featured image by Gerd Altman via Pixabay

Bulk email marketing is a key component of digital marketing. It is a promotion technique where marketers send a single email to a large audience with the intention of converting prospects into closed sales.

An infographic from statista.com shows that 319.6 billion emails were sent and received per day between 2017 to 2021. This figure is expected to grow to 376.4 billion.


Below are 10 email writing tips for bulk email marketing that will give you more conversions.

1. Clean up the Email List

Once you are ready with a list of subscribers to send bulk emails, the first step is to clean it up. Remove any odd-looking or invalid emails.

This will save your IP from being marked as a spammer. When you send an email to a valid list, your engagement rate will be higher, and you’ll save money by removing emails that were going to bounce anyway.

2. Segment the Recipients into Groups

Before writing an email, segment your recipients into different groups according to their position in your sales funnel.

You don’t want to send your product introduction to prospects who have already tried the demo and want to purchase it, for example.

3. Master the Subject Line

People decide to open an email only when they think it’s worth their time. For this reason, the subject line should be catchy enough to persuade the reader to open the email and read it further.

In fact, top marketers in the industry often suggest that you should write the email for a bulk marketing campaign first. Then take the time to develop a strong email subject line.

4. Keep Emails Short and Focused

Nobody likes to read a long wall of text. Moreover, if you send out lengthy, boring emails, people will report them as spam and you’ll never hear back from them.

Therefore, an email for a bulk marketing campaign should be concise, well-structured, and to the point. Do not cover 10 things in a single email. Instead, talk about the only things that matter at the moment in the sales cycle.

5. Make Emails Relevant to All the Readers

Bulk email marketing means you will send a single email to thousands of people at once. So remember to use words that will be relevant for all your readers.

For instance, do not make a mistake such as giving discounts to people in Australia when your email list also has people from Europe.

6. Avoid Spam Words in Bulk Email Marketing

Watch out for writing spam words in the subject line and the email body. For example, do not write words and phrases such as “congratulations,” “you are a winner!” or “double your cash.”

If you browse online you can find lists of spam trigger words that you should avoid using in your bulk email marketing.

7. Optimize Bulk Emails for Smaller Screens

Optimize every bulk email you send out for mobile phones. Most people use their smartphones to read emails. Thus, your email must be as readable on the phone as it is on a larger display.

If your email doesn’t fit on small screens properly, much of your effort will be wasted.

8. A Call to Action Is a Must in Bulk Emails

If you don’t tell your audience to take action, they won’t take any. So give your readers a direction to follow by adding a call to action at the end of every email.

However, do not ask your reader to visit the website, follow on social media, and call on a toll-free number at the same time. They’ll get confused and won’t do anything. Instead, keep your call to action in bulk emails focused on one thing only. Think of your readers’ single most effective action that will lead to closing the sale.

9. Find out What’s Working and What Isn’t

Don’t do blind marketing. Insights are critical. See how many emails you’ve sent so far, the open rate, and how many readers have replied to you.

Invest in good cold email software that helps you with all that information. Your return on investment drastically increases when you know what’s working and what isn’t.

10. Add an Unsubscribe Link to Bulk Emails

When you send bulk emails, you must know that not everyone is interested in your product or service. Therefore, give them the freedom to opt out of your email list. This will increase the engagement rate of your list.

So add an unsubscribe link in the footer. Not doing so will leave people with no choice but to block you and report your email as spam, which is worse.



Whether bulk email marketing works these days or not is a matter of debate. But many businesses are making handsome profits with this promotion technique.

Remember the tips above while conducting bulk email marketing to see effective results.