What Are the Most Important Things in SEO?

What Are the Most Important Things in SEO?

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In the digital world, businesses are competing with each other. And search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main and most effective ways to ensure the success of your project. So what are the most important things to pay attention to in SEO?


If you are considering SEO as an opportunity to scale your business you are probably looking for the most essential aspects to pay attention to. Notably, it is crucial to understand that this optimization is an ongoing process. If you are not aware of Google’s updates and their constantly changing policies, you will find it difficult to reach high positions in the search engine results pages (SERP).

So consider entrusting your project to a professional SEO firm like SeoProfy. Then you can focus on the improvement of your product or service.

Keep in mind that attracting potential clients does not ensure that you will achieve your goals. To effectively improve your bottom line, you also need to keep clients satisfied and eager to recommend you to others.

Nonetheless, here are several crucial aspects to pay attention to with regard to SEO in 2022.

E-A-T: Website Authority Matters in SEO

The abbreviation E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and credibility. The term is taken from Google’s recommendations for webmasters and site owners.

The search engine, based on assessments and its own algorithms, evaluates the quality of all website pages. Therefore, it is necessary to focus your efforts on providing users with comprehensive information about the company. Provide sources of information for articles and confirmation of the expertise of the author of the material.

The main goal is for the user to be sure that your company is an expert in its field. It is necessary to ensure that the user has no doubts about the completeness and authenticity of the data. And above all, the information on the page should correspond to the purpose of the user’s search. Working on increasing the E-A-T indicator makes a significant contribution to the promotion of the site.

Post Unique, Expert, and Useful Content

The content should interest the user (as well as the search robot). Then it must satisfy the main goal, which is to provide comprehensive information that corresponds to the user’s search query. The content on the page should reveal the topic. It should guarantee trust in the information the site provides, confirming expertise.

The text should solve the user’s problem and give a comprehensive answer to their search. Content should include specific data, numbers, clear steps, step-by-step instructions, structured information, in-depth descriptions, images, and screenshots for a detailed explanation.

Below is a good example of content that confirms expertise and gives readers trust in a site:

Additionally, longer texts with a volume of 1,000 or more words work much better in SEO. The search engine seeks to see large and detailed articles. Such materials will always be in demand.

Therefore, the task of the copywriter and SEO specialist is to choose the right semantics and define the target audience. And always remember that you are writing for humans, not robots. Create only useful content and optimize the text.

Use synonyms and various latent semantic indexing (LSI), which means to provide words in the text that the search engines will recognize as being synonymous with your keywords. Additionally, strive to answer popular questions. And do not hesitate to look for ideas from successful competitors.

Text formatting is also important. In long articles, be sure to use formatting. Logically divide the content into sections with subheadings and paragraphs. Add lists and highlight words.

For promotional purposes, the semantic core of the article should be expanded toward low-frequency keywords. Of course, do not forget about the basics of SEO optimization. That is, use targeted keywords in the meta title, in the meta description, and in the text.

External Optimization: Link Building Is Still Essential

External links are still one of the important factors in promoting a site. However, they must be high-quality and organic or at least look organic. The presence of links from low-quality resources, spam sites, links from the footer, or masses of links with the same commercial anchor text will not only be useless but will also seriously harm the promotion of the website.

You should develop the reference mass of the site in a balanced and careful way. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter. Therefore, the SEO practice of buying links on platforms can play a bad joke on you.

In any case, you need to analyze the site’s backlink profile, monitor the dynamics and quality of donor domains, and make efforts to acquire organic external links. You can achieve this by exhibiting expertise and professional materials on your website.

Domain Age Is Important

One of the most popular myths is that older domains rank higher. This is not necessarily true. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller confirmed that the age of domain is not a ranking signal.

However, the age of the site does continue to be relevant. Brand new websites (less than six months old) have trouble ranking. The age of backlinks also affects ranking. And site age tends to correlate with more backlinks. However, even a site that’s been around for 25 years won’t rank well if other websites don’t refer to it.

Micro-Markup Can Help

Micro-markup is not a ranking factor in Google search results, but it can help you improve your performance and increase your click-through rate (CTR). With Schema.org tags, you can display additional information on your site in search, including images, phone, reviews, ratings, time, steps for recipes or instructions, and more.

What’s more, you can get position 0 on the main search results by optimizing for a block of quick answers to frequently asked questions and top news.

So optimize for a block of quick answers to frequently asked questions and work on improving snippets. These are essential factors for those who seek to apply modern SEO strategies.

Getting organic traffic from search is becoming more and more difficult, so optimization aimed at increasing CTR and achieving position 0 is becoming a must-have element.


Local SEO: Optimize Your Site for Local Search

Local SEO is another necessary element for site promotion. In recent years, queries with the words “near me” have increased several times, and the trend is not about to change. Of course, business owners who offer services in a specific location and have their own website should devote time to local SEO optimization. This is a must-do for those aiming for a highly localized and targeted audience.

Good SEO Requires Constant Vigilance

The above components of SEO promotion of the site are only part of the work that must be done to get to the first page of Google. These will be the key to success in 2022. However, don’t forget dozens of other SEO factors and constant work on the content and authority of the site. Of course, all site promotion activities should be accompanied by constant study of analytics data, tracking of positions on priority keywords, as well as constant investigation and expansion of semantics.