High Paying Bachelor's Degrees You Can Earn Online

High-Paying Bachelor’s Degrees You Can Earn Online

Study after study has found that advanced education enhances your earning potential. Therefore, you know you should pursue a bachelor’s degree to increase your yearly earnings. But which of the bachelor’s degree programs should you enroll in?

In truth, not all degrees are created equal. Overall, certain bachelor’s degrees will almost automatically qualify you for an exponential pay raise. For example, we offer suggestions for some of the best ones here.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree in business administration provides an outstanding foundation for launching a successful career in business. This degree program equips you with the general knowledge and skill you will need to succeed as a leader within a business organization. It allows you to quickly climb the executive ranks to unlock greater responsibility and higher salaries.

What’s more, this bachelor’s degree can feed directly into a master’s of business administration (MBA) program. In fact, this is a degree which can catapult younger professionals into higher positions earlier in their careers.

Software Development

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that opportunities for software developers will grow more than 26 percent over the course of the next decade. Surprisingly, this compares with only about 5 percent for all other jobs.

Online degree programs for software development will certainly equip you with the technical skills necessary to build and test digital applications. For example, you will gain experience with various programming languages, operating systems, and security tools.

Though a degree in software development is not necessary to secure employment in the tech industry, it demonstrates your qualifications and commitment. These qualities can give you access to more enviable positions and pay opportunities in your field.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

Economics is a complex field. Even some economists struggle to explain what it covers. At its core, economics strives to understand why and how individuals and groups allocate their resources. The study of economics has a particular focus on financial resources.

In an online degree program, you will gain essential economic knowledge and skill. These will allow you to guide decision-making processes within companies to boost profits and reduce losses.

Usually, economics students continue through graduate-level education. However, a bachelor’s degree is enough to qualify you for lucrative entry-level positions in business.


As more and more organizations transform their operations to adopt digital technologies and processes, more of them are becoming prime targets of cyberattack.

Because data breaches are so expensive to recover from, most businesses are investing more heavily in their cyber defenses. This means the demand for trained cybersecurity professionals is on a steep rise. Pursuing a cybersecurity degree could qualify you for IT management positions and put you on a fast track to executive leadership in this field.

Database Management

Another effect of the rapid adoption of digital technology is the sudden wealth of data organizations now hoard.

Unfortunately, data in itself is not particularly valuable to business leaders. Most of them cannot utilize raw data to improve their decision-making. Thus, all manner of data professionals are in demand.

One of the best data-related career fields to pursue via an online degree is database management. This field involves building and maintaining systems that keep data organized on business networks.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management

Over the past few years, the global supply chain has experienced disruption after disruption. These upheavals leave businesses and consumers wanting greater reliability in resources and inventory.

Experts anticipate major turmoil in the supply chain industry, with shifts away from global suppliers. This could mean more opportunities for younger, newer supply chain managers.

In online supply chain management programs, you will learn the complex art and science of transforming raw materials into finished products and getting them into consumers’ hands. Because this role is so critical to business success, supply chain managers can command substantial salaries.



Animation is one of the more fun degree programs on this list. You might be attracted to this option if you are drawn to creative skills and careers that allow you to imagine and explore.

Gone are the days when drawing skill was essential for animation success. Now, you can be an effective animator using digital tools that allow for outstanding realism in computer-generated graphics.

Many online animation degree programs will guide you through every step of the animation process, including storyboarding and character modeling. This will ensure you are equipped for any role in animation studios across the country.


Change Your Life for the Better with an Online Bachelor’s Degree

Starting today, you can enroll in one of the above online degree programs to improve your earning potential and find meaning in your career. What’s stopping you from changing your life for the better?