3 Tips for Gaining More Conversions from Your Web Marketing

3 Tips for Gaining More Conversions from Your Web Marketing

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Being a small business owner has many perks, but it can also be challenging, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Running ads on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is necessary, but it also requires a deep strategy to get conversions.

Conversions drive sales. And whether you’re generating video plays, email signups, or sales, you need conversions to be successful.

Are you struggling to get conversions from your digital marketing campaigns? Try the tips below and you’ll see your conversions improve.

1. Hire a Professional Marketing Agency to Get More Conversions

Although the internet is saturated with do-it-yourself marketing tips and tricks, it’s not as easy as it looks. Tasks are relatively easy to perform, but effective marketing requires strategy, and strategy for gaining conversions requires expertise.

Do you know the nuances of branded search for PPC ads? Do you know how to optimize your cost-per-click? And do you know how to find high authority publishing websites to build backlinks to your website? How easy would it be for you to analyze and understand the complex data sets collected by marketing analysis tools?

Chances are, if you’re not a professional marketer, all of the above will be difficult. You’ll need to learn the ropes first, but even that will only help you on a technical level.

If you want top-notch results from your marketing efforts, you need to hire a professional marketing agency. Expert marketers will create a strong marketing strategy that will work seamlessly across various channels and platforms to bring in more conversions. They’ll do all the hard work for you.

2. Test, Test, Test

There are countless conversion strategies you can use, but are you testing your results? If you don’t test your efforts, you won’t know where you are compared to where you want to be. You won’t know what methods are working and which methods need to be scrapped.

Testing your marketing efforts is referred to as “split testing,” or “A/B testing.” With this testing method, you’ll run multiple instances of a marketing campaign, but with slightly different elements for each instance. For example, you might run four versions of the same ad on Facebook, but each version uses a different image. Or, each version uses a different headline.

Using slight variations of each ad gives you the ability to see which varied elements are most effective. If you run the same ads to the same audience with four different headlines, you’ll quickly see which headlines are more enticing by looking at which ones get more clicks.

How to Split Test

Although you’ll need software to split test your landing pages, some ad platforms have built-in split testing features that make it easy. For instance, Facebook added a split testing feature that allows you to test five different variables at a time. Once your testing phase is complete, they’ll send you an email with the results to let you know which elements performed best.

Likewise, when you build four different landing pages and slightly vary the page elements, your results will tell you which page elements are contributing to more conversions.

If you’ve never run a split test, start with Facebook’s built-in feature to get a feel for how it works. Once you understand the basics, you can try split testing on other platforms or you can just hire an agency.


3. Spruce up Your Website

How effective is your website at getting conversions? Do you get phone calls from people who found you online? Do you get email signups or contact form submissions? If you’re not getting results from your website, it’s time to make some changes.

Begin by ensuring your site has a professional, easy-to-navigate design. At the very least, this should be your foundation. From there, make sure your contact information is visible on every page. Certainly, make your phone number easy to see.

Next, check your web forms to make sure submissions are being received. Test your email signup form, too. Make sure your contacts are being added to your database and properly segmented if you’re using automation.

If you make these basic changes and still don’t see results, it’s entirely possible that your website isn’t getting found in the search engines. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to also explore your SEO options through a digital marketing agency.


Increasing Conversions Is a Process

Increasing your conversions is a process. You won’t see major results overnight. However, small changes can make a significant difference, so don’t wait to start optimizing your marketing campaigns.

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