Big Bang Nation: Is This the Future of Business?

Big Bang Nation: Is This the Future of Business?

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Mention the words “big bang” and most likely, many will think of the iconic TV show. Alternatively, some might picture of a wildly popular Korean music group or even the theory of how the universe began. However, for businesses looking to scale their capabilities, Big Bang is a global consulting firm that enables clients to navigate the cloud universe to do more and achieve more.

Background on Big Bang

Founded in 2014, Big Bang is not a software reseller. Instead, they provide advice on system architecture that runs. And they are proud to say that they scale businesses around the world.

Their genius lies in helping companies choose, integrate, and even customize software solutions for their cloud needs and challenges. Basically, they’re an agile and responsive one-stop shop.

Moreover, the company has grown into a global firm from its humble start in Montreal—in a garage, no less, a prerequisite for any successful disrupter in the tech sector. They have since added offices in Toronto, Mauritius, Paris, London, Mexico City, and cities in the United States.

Being product-agnostic and working with the right systems for their customers, the Big Bang team can create the best possible solutions. The company has a stellar track record and is frequently referenced by Forbes magazine.


Working from Anywhere at Any Time with Big Bang Solutions

Cloud computing has become the new business standard. It offers many solutions, including improved security, accuracy, efficiencies, and productivity. But what makes it so wonderful is its capability for remote work—from anywhere, including from another Big Bang office. This is where Big Bang excels for its employees, with an innovative program they call Big Bang Nation.

The pandemic taught us that remote work was doable. But many companies are now gearing up to a return to the office environment and other hybrid solutions.

Not Big Bang. Here work-from-home is more of a way of life than a short-term solution. Big Bang Nation embraces the idea of offices without walls, where work-life balance thrives with flex-time and work-from-anywhere options for up to three months per year.

This refreshing approach puts the emphasis on employees. It does not matter where they work, be it in a chalet in the Alps or a hut on a beach, as long as they do the work.


Empowering Employees

By stepping out and away from the micro-management mentality of yesteryear, Big Bang empowers its employees. This approach allows them to work seamlessly at different hubs if they want to or need to.

The company also fosters a true spirit of teamwork. It has mentorship and coaching in its DNA. All new employees are given a mentor who is aligned with their goals and life experiences. Their mentor guides them through the onboarding process, with the end result being team members who support each other instead of competing against each other.

Career education and continued training are other critical elements to the success of Big Bang. The company pays for all training courses for interns as well as managers. Once an employee has completed the onboarding process, they have the option to train in specific areas of expertise, all leveraging the very best cloud systems.

The company walks the talk when it comes to professional and personal development. A tailored onboarding path, customized career paths, training, certifications, and hands-on experience are a few examples of Big Bang’s commitment to their employees’ professional and personal growth.

An Extraordinary Business Model

In tapping into their DNA, Big Bang has created the ultimate work environment. In doing so, they have constructed an impressive business model that’s designed to last.

It is efficient, productive, and secure yet human, personalized, and uniquely inspiring. It’s not often you find a company that is actually practicing what they preach by leveraging technology to support a variety of employee expectations and needs.

Here’s to more companies and corporations embracing their own Big Bang Nation.

For more information on Big Bang and their #BigBangNation initiative, please contact: [email protected]