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Online booklet printing could be the missing piece in your marketing strategy. Printed brochures, booklets and other forms of traditional print marketing can make a massive difference with your potential customers.

Only a few years ago, business owners and marketers saw digital marketing as the only way forward. Now, however, there is a real reason to get behind print marketing again. In fact, when you use printed brochures in conjunction with clever online marketing you will cover all bases. You can truly wow your potential customers and entice them to want to find out more about your brand.

What Is a Printed Brochure?

A printed brochure is a key marketing tool that comprises on average of between 3 and 30 pages. There are different ways to design brochures, however. Consider imagery, the type of paper you want to use, and how much written content will be visible.

It is quite easy to forget how durable and effective print marketing was before digital marketing was even possible. A printed brochure is a good way to get key information across to customers and potential customers alike, by highlighting your products and services in an easy-to-digest format.


What Are the Benefits of Printed Brochures for Your Business?

There are several reasons why you should consider brochure and booklet printing for your business. Chiefly, it could make a big difference to your long-term success and marketing strategies.

Printed Brochures Are Cost-Effective

Putting together some printed materials to help your business reach a new audience is one of the most cost-effective approaches you can take. It doesn’t cost you a lot of money when compared with other types of marketing. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you lose out on the high quality that you need in print to showcase the standards your business has set.

They’re Handy for Networking

Printed brochures are a great addition to your approach if you have some networking events coming up, or just to have to hand as you go about your daily business. This could be communicating about a future promotion in leaflet form as you hand a customer an order. Or you could take a stack of printed brochures to your next industry event that spell out what your brand is all about.

They Make for Great Branding

Is there any better way to showcase and build your brand than through the blank canvas of a printed brochure? The front page can have your logo front and center, while the entire brochure can be printed in your company colors. Overall, it will act as the perfect vehicle to imprint your brand image in the minds of readers.

Print Brochures Are Easy to Digest

Some online marketing can feel incoherent. But a printed brochure is much easier to digest, providing the reader with something tangible in their hands. It gives you the chance to tell a story in one place and to build trust with the reader in an inventive and creative way.

It’s Easy to Add a Personal Touch

With print you can be as personal as you need to be. Print offers something that you can never fully recreate in digital: an authentic, personal touch. Printed material invites people to keep it.

For example, they may leave a printed brochure on their desk. Perhaps they even come back to it over time, seeing something new each time. Simply put, it is a personal reminder of your brand and the products and services you offer.

A Printed Brochure Provides More Information

A printed brochure can be as short or long as you want or need it to be. The average business brochure is between 3 and 30 pages in length. Any more could be overkill. This does, however, provide you with so much opportunity to give the reader detailed information about your business, brand, and what you have to offer.

In digital marketing, on the other hand, the idea is short, pithy messages that get the message across instantly. But you have more scope to be detailed in print marketing.



As you can see, print marketing still has a clear role to play in the modern world of business and marketing. If you are looking for booklet printing in the UK, or you wish to print some posters, banners, or even a new set of creative business cards, print marketing can be a central part of your marketing campaign.

Above all, you should never rely solely on one type of marketing. A good business will look to reach as many people as possible with a combination of both offline print marketing and digital marketing online. With a professional printing service behind you, your brand can make a big splash and connect with an audience in a creative, innovative, and cost-effective way.