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Why Should You Pursue a Career in Marketing?

Featured image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

If you’d like to work in a business field but you aren’t quite sure what exactly you’d like to do there, consider a career in marketing. This involves working with a brand to increase its recognition and shape its image. There are a number of reasons that this can be a good career choice, including the ones discussed below.

Choosing a Focus for a Marketing Career

There are many different disciplines within the broader field of marketing. This gives you the opportunity to choose based on whether you’re more comfortable with data, dealing with people, planning events, or working with a company to create and refine a brand.

Marketing research might be your choice in the first instance. However, if you enjoy cultivating a wide variety of contacts that you talk to regularly, public relations might be your forte.

Knowing what you want to specialize in can help you choose what to major in and what classes to take within and in addition to that major. If the cost of college itself feels like an unsurmountable challenge, student loans can be a great way to cover those costs.


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Another reason this can be a great career choice is that every industry needs marketers. You’ll be in demand across many sectors, and you might also get the opportunity to work in a field that you genuinely love.

If you love the outdoors, you might work in a marketing capacity with a company that makes outdoor gear. If you enjoy basketball, you might enjoy joining a team’s marketing department.

Flexibility may extend to the workplace as well. You could have the opportunity to work remotely. This can mean a greater work life balance than you would enjoy in many fields.

Opportunity to Be Creative

Creativity is not a part of every position in this field. If you work in research and data, it’s the facts people need from you and not flights of the imagination.

However, most subfields offer many opportunities to be creative. This can be the case whether you are involved in planning events for a film distribution company, doing public relations for a clothing brand, or helping a new startup develop their brand. Creative jobs are often thought of as low paying, but here, you get the opportunity to get paid well for creative work.

In fact, one of the secrets of successful startups is creative marketing. Therefore, your skills will be critical to the success of the companies that you work for. This is because you’ll need to come up with ideas that really stand out in a crowded sea of clever marketing.


Furthermore, you may be working on several different campaigns at once. This can help you stay fresh and interested in the work. In addition, because this is a fast-moving field, you’ll need to be prepared to continually learn and innovate.

Concrete Satisfaction from a Career in Marketing

Some jobs involve a sense of doing the same work over and over without much sense of completion. In others, you are far removed from outcomes. In these cases, you’re never really able to connect your work with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Marketing, on the other hand, lives and dies on results. That means that for better or for worse, you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor. Did that campaign you came up with increase sales? How did clients feel about the event you put on, and did it draw bigger numbers compared to previous years? Did many people see the ad you put together or click through and make a purchase?

It may be possible to dig down to a very granular view of what you accomplished and what didn’t quite work so that you can improve the next time around.

Availability of Employment and Salaries in Marketing

There are a lot of jobs out there. Nearly every brand needs some kind of marketing plan, so you’re likely to be in demand. Salaries are good, too, and as you accumulate successes along the way, you can command a higher one. Stay on top of what’s hot and what’s changing in your industry, and that along with your growing experience can ensure that you remain competitive.