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How to Manage Your Airbnb Remotely

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Would you like to know how to manage your Airbnb remotely?

Many brokers and investors live far away from the properties they rent out to clients through Airbnb. And many of them can often be heard asking the question, “How can I manage my Airbnb remotely?” This is likely because they are not fully aware that there are Airbnb management services for both clients and the brokers who work with the Airbnb site.

Among the important things that a client looks for when booking a place through Airbnb, apart from their budget and preferred location, are cleanliness, a trouble-free stay, and an uncomplicated guest check-in. As simple as these things sound, they can be difficult to manage for a person who lives far away from their properties.


But there are excellent ways to manage an Airbnb remotely. Let’s take a look.

You Can Manage an Airbnb Remotely

Managing a rental property that is far away from your place of residence can be tough and time-consuming. This is where Airbnb management service companies come in. These companies provide services for managing every aspect of a short-term rental. They give you the solution for managing your Airbnb remotely.

However, the downside of hiring an Airbnb management service is that they charge high commission fees. Some of them charge more than thirty percent of your earnings. This will soon use up your profits.

But don’t lose hope. Here are some tips for managing an Airbnb remotely:

Can Your Guests Check in Without Your Being Present?

If you want to learn how to manage Airbnb remotely, start with the check-in process. Waiting for a guest to arrive can be frustrating. It can place restrictions to your movements and everyday work and be a big burden. This is why you need to invest in a system that lets your guests check in without your having to be physically present.

Installing a lock box for the keys or an electronic or automatic lock system can be beneficial. These solutions are safe and provide a high level of security. They allow your guests to enter the property only if you have granted them wireless access.

However, most Airbnb brokers prefer to use a remote key-handoff manager. This is a software-based system called iGMS. It allows you to exchange and manage electronic keys with guests, cleaning personnel, and other staff. Plus, you can manage all of this from a single account.

The device sends real-time notifications about the accessibility of your electronic keys. This is its chief benefit, as it gives you real-time visitor access information. If a visitor has difficulty entering or someone gains unauthorized access, you will know about it immediately.

Use an Automated Airbnb Messaging Service

What if communicating with your guests drives you insane because of time differences between your home and your rental property? Airbnb’s automated messaging is quite useful in this situation. A self-service Airbnb messaging service answers visitors’ questions before they ask them.

This software will almost, if not completely, relieve you of the trouble of typing manual messages. However, in order to make this system truly successfully you need to set up a series of questions that cover almost all of the generic questions a guest might have. Then you have be better able to manage your Airbnb remotely.

Hire Someone You Trust to Clean the Property Between Guests

When considering how to manage Airbnb remotely, hygiene is one of the most important factors to consider. Keeping an untidy or dirty house or not cleaning it before the next guest arrives can give clients a bad impression. This can cause you to lose business in the future.

Therefore, hire a professional house cleaner. This is vital for managing your Airbnb remotely. Moreover, be sure to hire someone you trust. Additionally, look for someone who will be willing to clean your property on an as-needed or even urgent basis. You just never know when you’re going to get a last-minute or late booking.

What’s more, a professional will be much more likely to clean areas of the house that some other house cleaners might overlook. They will clean and disinfect hard-to-clean areas and make sure your house is spick-and-span for the next guest.

However, you may not be able to regularly check on a cleaner’s work. This is why you need to devise a system that motivates and pushes them to do better at their job.

One way to do this is to set up a review system for guests. Then reward your cleaners for a defined number of five-star ratings they receive from the guest. Plus, every review, good or bad, should be shared with the cleaners to give them feedback on the quality of their work. This way, your cleaners will want to keep the place as neat as possible. This is an important aspect of managing an Airbnb remotely.

Set up a Checkout Message

If you want to better manage your Airbnb remotely, you should also consider checkout. Provide every guest with set criteria for their checkout. Then the house cleaners and maintenance people can arrive and perform the required work in a timely manner before the next guests arrive.

Even better, ensure timely checkouts by notifying your guests about their checkout time a few hours before their scheduled departure. You can do this through automated Airbnb messaging services.


Use These Tips to Manage Your Airbnb in Your Absence

Use above five tips to manage an Airbnb remotely. Although it might seem like you need to do a lot in order to successfully run an Airbnb remotely, it gets a lot easier if you automate your systems and use the automated Airbnb messaging service.