How Time Tracking Helps Your Business Grow

How Time Tracking Helps Your Business Grow

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Time tracking is currently a common practice in many companies.  

This is because it is the optimal way of ensuring that employees are spending work time reasonably. 

Tracking work time allows business managers and owners to see how employees are spending their time. It allows them to understand how much employee time is dedicated to actual work and how much is wasted. In other words, it is a way of making sure time resources are spent for business purposes. 

Luckily, time-tracking tools turn this process into a piece of cake. All you have to do is start using one of these tools and the tracker will do the rest. Moreover, some have extra features that come in handy for successful business management. 

The Importance of Time Tracking in Business

Spending company resources wisely is one of the priorities of any business. When it comes to company time, it is not always easy and possible to measure how and what it is spent on. 

That’s what time trackers are for.

Time tracking ensures your employees are working the required hours and not overworking either. It gives you detailed information on how time is spent across your team. If you see inconsistent time-spending habits, you can immediately turn to the matter, find the reason if it is available on the tracker, and solve it. 

Another big benefit that time tracking gives your business is accurate payment based on accurately tracked work hours. If you pay your employees based on an hourly rate, time trackers will assist you in determining how much exactly you need to pay them. That way you are sure to spend both time and finances accurately. 

WebWork Time Tracking Software

If you are determined to start tracking time in your company, the next step is choosing the right time-tracking tool. 

The good news is that we have saved you a search and found a time tracker for you.

WebWork is a time tracking and employee monitoring software that is aimed at simplifying employee management. It tracks the work hours of employees, their app and website usage, and activity levels. It also generates reports.

These reports give you detailed information on how productive your employees are, how involved in work they are, and how they spend their work time. 

As a result, you are aware of how company time is spent. This can save your business as much as 41:30 hours per month, according to WebWork.

How WebWork Time Tracking Software Helps Grow Your Business

To understand how WebWork Time Tracker can help your business grow, let’s take a look at its features and how they will benefit your business.

Primarily, WebWork is a time tracker with screenshots and employee monitoring features. It is also a task management and communication tool. 

Time Tracking with Screenshots

WebWork tracks time on the user’s device and takes screenshots of their screen if the right mode is on. That way you are fully aware of how your employees are spending their work time. 

WebWork gives you four screenshot modes. These are Screenshot, Blurred, Background, and No Screenshot. 

Regardless of how useful the screenshot feature is for complete transparency, it can nevertheless sometimes be intrusive.

In these cases, the Blurred mode is a great option. This gives you a general idea of what the employee is working on without disclosing the details. 

With screenshots you do not have to worry or make extra efforts to find out whether your employees are doing work properly or not.

App and Website Usage

Other than time, WebWork also tracks app and website usage. The tracked information includes visited platforms and URLs, time spent on them, and the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes.

As a result, you get a detailed view of whether an employee is working or slacking off. 

This feature is useful for preventing time waste during work. 

Attendance Tracking

WebWork automatically tracks your employees’ attendance when they clock in and out. When they are late or leave early, WebWork requires them to write the reason for doing so. In this way, you are aware of late coming and early leaving. All of this information is available to you on Attendance Reports. 

As a result, you and your employees save time on filling in attendance sheets manually. 

Billable Hours and Invoicing

If you pay your employees based on an hourly rate, WebWork will simplify your work process, too. Your employees will simply need to set an hourly rate and the tracker will calculate their time and earned amount based on their worked hours.

As a result, you will pay your employees accurately and avoid confusion.

Task Management

Instead of using a separate tool for Task Management, why not use one tool that has it all? WebWork has a built-in Task Manager so that you can manage work and track time without having to switch tools. 

This way you save time on switching tools and money by paying for one tool only. 

Communication Tools

The same principle works with WebWork’s built-in communication tools. No need to use a separate messenger, as you and your team can stay connected right on WebWork through Team Chat and Video Calls. 

As a result, you save your team the trouble of switching between several tools.


Summing Up

Using company time appropriately is a key strategy for successful business management and growth. That is why it is important to have an established time management system across your business. For this reason, time tracking is the optimal solution. 

It helps you ensure all your employees are spending work time for business purposes and are not slacking off. Time trackers like WebWork have various features that track your employees’ work time and give you detailed reports. 

As a result, you save company time, are aware of your employees’ work process, and can make objective decisions more easily.


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