5 Reasons Why Your Business Address Really Matters

5 Reasons Why Your Business Address Really Matters

Featured image by Dominika Gregušová via Pexels

It’s easy to assume that your corporate address has few implications for your company’s success. After all, even if your business address is somewhat obscure, someone who needs to visit it for the first time could just enter it into their car’s navigation system. Or they could turn to Google Maps to get directions.

However, that address can actually affect various aspects of your business. For example, how someone perceives your address could affect your company’s reputation. It could also influence how easily you can recruit the right workers. Here are several more big reasons why you might even want to seriously contemplate changing your business address.


Consumers Can Be Reluctant to Buy from Small Companies

TechRound cautions: “Often, at a subconscious level, consumers believe that larger companies are more successful and provide the best products or services.”

While this particular belief isn’t often well-founded, that’s sadly beside the point for your business’s chances of success. If you run a small business, you have an interest in making it look long-established. And running it from your home could impede that effort.

If You Run Your Business from Home, You Might Want to Hide Your Address

Sure, if you largely focus on online or phone-based dealings with customers or clients, it could be a while before they get the impression that your company is operated from a residence.

However, what if you advertise your personal address as your business address? Marketing Donut warns: “Even if it’s not obvious, potential customers can search online to find your location. And if that’s in a residential area, they’re likely to work out you’re a small home-based business.”

People Expect Big Businesses to Be in Big Places

On your website, you might advertise your company as having a national or even international reach. However, this claim could raise eyebrows if your business address mentioned on the same site is in, say, an obscure village or town rather than a major cosmopolitan area.

Fortunately, if your company is indeed based in something of a backwater, you could always rent a trading address. Then you could present that as your real business address.


The Right Business Address Could Help in Your Recruitment Drive

However, when attempting to get a new address for your business, you should probably put serious consideration to finding yourself a whole new corporate base. Don’t settle for little more than a new trading address.

Let’s imagine, for example, that you rent a serviced office in Central London. You would get a range of exciting amenities all in one office to start with. Plus, you would also give yourself a chance of attracting job applicants simply because of the exciting city where the company is based.

You Could Benefit from a Pool of Talent Right on Your Doorstep

In an article published by Virgin, entrepreneur Jake Fox explains: “If you rely on skilled workers it is best to go to where there is a healthy bank of talent.”

A major city like London could provide you with exactly this. And who knows? You might be able to attract employees from prestigious companies already based in the area.