Young businesswoman upset about her suspended Google Ads account, sitting in front of her laptop with her head in her hands

6 Tips for Dealing with a Suspended Google Ads Account

Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Has your Google Ads account been suspended, leaving you confused about what to do next? Google suspends PPC ad accounts for all kinds of reasons, including genuine mistakes that trigger their automatic system.

For example, entering your billing information incorrectly several times can trigger a suspension because the system interprets this activity as someone intentionally trying to use a stolen credit card.

Although it can seem hopeless at first, you’ll be happy to know that some people are able to recover a suspended Google Ads account by submitting a convincing appeal.

Whether you’ve already submitted an appeal, or you’re in the process of creating one, here are six tips for handling your situation.


1. Write a Strong Appeal

You might think your situation is an open-and-shut case. However, you still need to write a strong, convincing appeal. A well-written appeal that sticks to the facts, leaves emotion out, and makes clear points has the best chance of being effective.

If you’ve never written an appeal letter for any reason, it’s not hard, but it does help to hire a professional to do it for you. There are many digital marketing agencies that specialize in getting Google Ads accounts reinstated through a strong appeal. Nobody can guarantee you’ll recover your account, but some companies have a strong track record of success, so they are doing something right.

2. Don’t Submit Multiple Appeals with the Same Information

When your appeal is denied, you might be tempted to submit another appeal, hoping it will go to someone else who will make a different decision in your favor. Unfortunately, that’s not how this situation will play out. Instead, submitting additional appeals will annoy the people who review appeals. The exception to this rule is when you have new information to submit.

If your appeal has already been denied once, don’t rush to resubmit that appeal. Talk to someone who has experience getting accounts reinstated to find out what you should do next. If you don’t want to get professional advice, wait to submit another appeal until you have more information to add. If you don’t have any new information to add, but you want to resubmit your appeal, try crafting a better argument to prove your case more clearly.

3. Don’t Try to Contact Google by Phone

There is no phone support for a suspended Google Ads account, so don’t even attempt to call. You’ll just be wasting your time. The people you can get ahold of from Google’s customer support team won’t have access to your account and they won’t be able to help you.

4. Start Using Other PPC Ad Platforms Right Away

Every day your PPC ads don’t run is a day of lost revenue. While you’re working on crafting your appeal to Google, start using other PPC ads as soon as possible. For example, start running ads on Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platform you can find.

Experiment with at least one ad campaign on every PPC platform you can find. You’ll know which ones are working and which ones you should ditch. As a bonus, you’ll find that PPC ads on non-Google platforms tend to be cheaper and have less intense competition for keywords. Use this to your benefit by narrowing down your target audience and you’ll pay even less for your clicks.

5. Don’t Create Another Google Ads Account

Whatever you do, don’t create another Google Ads account, even if you think you can get away with it by using a different credit card or billing address. Google will find out automatically when you start running ads to your website.

Creating another Google Ads account is considered “Circumventing Systems,” which is a direct (and serious) violation of Google’s policies. If your initial account suspension was a mistake, creating a second account will ruin your chances of getting your first account reinstated.

6. Find the Specifics Concerning Your Google Ads Violation

Google isn’t exactly direct about the violations that lead to account suspensions, so if it’s not obvious, you’ll need to dig. Do your landing pages contain redirects? Did you have a bunch of ads disapproved before your suspension? While disapproved ads don’t generally lead to a suspended account, they can if it’s excessive.

Try to pinpoint the exact reason your Google Ads account was suspended before you start writing your appeal. This way, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to craft a convincing appeal.


A Suspended Google Ads Account Isn’t the End

If you can’t get your Google Ads account reinstated, don’t panic because it’s not the end of the world. You’ll just need to use other PPC ad platforms to make up for your lost traffic.