a career in construction represented by three people standing together on the flooring of a building under construction reviewing blueprints

6 Outstanding Benefits of a Career in Construction

Featured image by Borko Manigoda via Pixabay

Sometimes it seems as if everything is under construction. Workers are almost continuously constructing homes, schools, workplaces, public spaces, roads, buildings, healthcare facilities, and amusement parks. Construction is crucial to humanity’s continued existence. Even so, it’s an industry where there’s the most room for misinterpretation. But don’t listen to the naysayers. Choosing a career in construction could, in fact, be one of the best decisions you ever made.

The decades-long push for four-year degrees has resulted in a significant loss of potential workers in the construction business. As a result, the United States is suffering from an acute lack of trained professionals.

However, because of the increased demand for craftspeople, the industry is in an attractive situation that favors newcomers. Demand drives up wages, employment opportunities, and promotion prospects.

Nonetheless, you may be wondering, “So, what exactly are the perks of a career in construction?”

Just take a look at how many there are! So if you’re thinking about a career change, here are six reasons why the construction industry could be a good fit for you.

A Successful Construction Worker Typically Takes the Time to Prepare for This Career

In the building trade, an apprenticeship is a usual path to professional competence. This suggests that an apprentice program is available to everyone who is serious about learning a skill.

In other words, you can “earn as you learn” by gaining experience for a career in construction while getting compensated for it at the same time.

However, many craft-related jobs may require some form of postsecondary education beyond a high school diploma. For example, your prospects could improve with an associate’s degree or a professional certification. Nonetheless, these requirements usually only require a few months or years to complete. You can even meet them within the course of an apprenticeship. Thus, a job in a construction company is still the best option for those who want to enter a profession quickly rather than pursue a four-year degree.

Due to the short training period and affordable tuition, tradespeople can enter the industry and begin making money almost immediately. And they won’t need to take on significant debt. One and a half trillion dollars is the total amount of student loan debt in the United States. For this reason alone, a career in construction may seem like a good option, not to mention the rising price of a college education as well.


Possibilities for Success with a Career in Construction Are Virtually Limitless

Moreover, since seven out of ten job openings in the United States do not require a bachelor’s degree, the labor market is overrun with recent grads. But once you decide to pursue a career in construction, more opportunities will become available to you. After completing an apprenticeship or receiving a certificate in craft training, a person’s employment prospects improve dramatically.

There will be a need for one million craft professionals by 2023. This will be due mainly to a lack of available workers who have the necessary abilities, coupled with an anticipated rise in the number of people entering retirement. Although the shortage is severe, it does present many opportunities for new creative ventures.

Work in a Variety of Fields

You will find numerous specialized industries within the building sector. Everyone can find success in arts and crafts, and opportunities for a career in construction appear to be practically limitless.

Everyone from the artistically gifted to the numerically savvy to problem-solving aficionados can find a home in the craft sector.

Do keep in mind, however, that most jobs require training and education programs. All the same, you can tailor your education to your own specific field of interest.

Enjoy the Possibility of Free Movement

Due to the widespread demand for talented artisans, the professional possibilities are practically limitless for anyone with a career in construction. Whether you’re freelancing or working for a construction company with a national or international presence, you have a wide variety of locales to work in. In fact, construction is one of the few careers that will give you opportunities to see the country and make money at the same time.

Right now, it seems like every which way we turn there are new buildings being put up. This has a ripple effect on every continent, every state, and nearly every major city in the world. If you’d like to see the world while making a living, a career in the arts is perfect for you. If you have the right set of building skills, you may be able to work wherever you like. This is the case wheter you want to work in your home nation or halfway around the world.

The construction industry is also known for its fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. The scenery around your building site, be it a home, a baseball field, or a theme park, is always changing and improving.

Savor the Potential for Professional Advancement

Industry watchers project that 29% of the existing workforce in construction will have retired by the year 2026. There will be even more of a crisis by 2031. This is when an estimated 41% of the current workforce will have retired. The simple fact is that in a little over a decade, approximately half of the current workforce will need to be replaced.

This is encouraging news for newcomers to the industry, regardless of how large the number may be.

There will soon be a significant shortage of trained tradespeople when the baby boomer generation retires. This will leave behind a large number of managerial positions such as journeyman, superintendent, and project manager.

If given the opportunity, the sky is the limit for a highly qualified expert with a career in construction. If they have the right combination of skills, experience, and ambition, an ambitious worker could eventually become the CEO of an organization. Only one’s own drive can prevent someone from rising through the ranks in the construction sector.


Earn More Money over Your Lifetime

Since there is a growing need for qualified people, companies are prepared to increase compensation to compete for them. As a result, today’s construction workers have it better than ever in terms of pay.

Due to high starting incomes, lesser school loan burdens, and the possibility to begin working as an apprentice, craftspeople are able to produce a good living income from an early stage in their careers. Consideration of a career in construction is more than warranted in light of these benefits.