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Top 5 Benefits of Implementing NetSuite for Your Business

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With its robust suite of cloud applications, NetSuite is at the forefront of enterprise applications. NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud-based ERP system, providing a single cloud-based platform to combine multiple business processes. For example, the application provides advanced finance and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management software (HRMS), inventory management, and automation for professional services to name a few.

The software incorporates industry best practices, allowing for rich customization options. Meanwhile, it also delivers an award-winning financial management system.

There are many benefits to implementing NetSuite for your business. Here we’ve identified what we believe to be the top five to help you get started on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) journey.

5 Key Benefits of Choosing NetSuite for Your Business

Real-Time Metrics Visibility

Many businesses use several different applications and systems to run their different departments. This can make it especially difficult to optimize business processes and analyze performance. What’s more, without proper visibility, you’ll struggle to make effective decisions.

But NetSuite gives you an accurate view of core business processes and metrics, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and more. This will allow you to analyze, decide, and act using real-time information. Additionally, with advanced functionality like customizable dashboards and unified customer information, NetSuite provides an efficient user experience where everything is available in one place.

You’ll gain a clear and immediate view of core business metrics. A clearer view will allow you to see your data in real time and act on it in a timely manner.


Global Access to Your Business

By implementing NetSuite for your business, you can get all your business data whenever you want it, from anywhere in the world. With mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily secure the information through any device that’s most convenient for you. With your core business applications within easy reach, you can monitor and evaluate processes and KPIs with little effort.

High Scalability

Accounting software that is too basic or outdated can hamper your business growth. But NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP software enables your company to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Additionally, you will be able to manage growth or events such as mergers and acquisitions more easily.

Once your data has been integrated into the system, you’ll be able to upgrade from one tier of NetSuite software to another as necessary. For example, SMEs and fast-growing businesses can upgrade to NetSuite Enterprise. Those with global operations can tack on the OneWorld module for advanced global capabilities.

In other words, with NetSuite ERP accounting software, you won’t have to replace your ERP every few years as you expand into new markets or product lines.

Reduced IT Costs with NetSuite

Since it is a cloud-based business management suite, NetSuite enables you to run core business applications without any additional costs for maintaining IT infrastructure and resources across your business. This is because you can count on highly skilled and certified NetSuite developers maintain the system on Oracle’s servers. Updates are automatic and seamless.

In short, NetSuite’s comprehensive functionality across accounting, financials, and reporting allows businesses of all sizes to reduce costs while removing the need for complex integrations or IT spending.

Easy Customization and Integration

With NetSuite, customization is easy and practically limitless. With the help of industry-specific modules, you’ll be able to tailor the platform to perfectly fit certain business processes or requirements of your company.

From role-specific dashboards and permissions to modular additions, there’s no shortage of ways to customize NetSuite. Its integration capabilities mean that you can easily tie business essential software to NetSuite when you need to. In this way, you will always have two-way data flows and optimal visibility.


NetSuite Implementation: Bottom Line

When you are considering implementing an ERP for your business, there are multiple options. In fact, you might feel you have been bombarded with these various choices.

But in today’s era, a business can reach new heights with streamlined operational procedures. Implementing NetSuite for your business offers a lot of perks and advantages that will benefit your business operations for years to come.