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Streamline Your Rental Business with First-Class Software

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The property management industry in the US generates more than $99 billion in revenue annually. This is a huge amount of money. This is the chief reason software companies are putting their best foot forward to help you streamline your rental business.


Basically, software companies are seeking to help landlords, investors, and property managers manage their businesses better. Do you fall into this category? If so, you can streamline your rental business with the help of one of the software programs we discuss here.

But which of these property management software programs should you use? Which one will enable you to operate your rental business in the best possible manner?

Streamline Your Rental Business with One of These Software Programs

Landlords use many software programs for the benefit of their business. However, not all software comes with the necessary features. An ideal software is one which helps in attracting, screening, and managing tenants. You would also want a program that responds to maintenance requests. Additionally, you would probably want one that maintains accounts for managing expenses and revenue. This would be especially important during tax season.

Here we have come up with the top seven property management software programs to streamline your rental business.


Baselane is a property management software developed especially for landlords. It will definitely help you streamline your rental business. One of the tasks it does best is make it easier for landlords to more easily manage rental property finances.

For example, with Baselane you don’t have to worry about receiving your rent payments anymore. This is because Baselane is your go-to solution for rent collection, security deposits, and fast payments.

Nor will rental property owners need to have a minimum deposit or balance to maintain their Baselane account. The software has such features as automated late fee settings, automated payment notifications and reminders, and tenant auto-pay features.

Therefore, managing bookkeeping, reporting, and taxes becomes much easier with Baselane. Even if you don’t have a bank account to add to this software, you can create Baselane’s virtual account to receive the payments.

You can manage unlimited properties through it, too, and it will save you loads of time and money. In fact, Baselane is one of the best property management software programs you will find. It will definitely help you streamline your rental business.


Buildium allows property owners and managers to control their real estate business remotely. This software makes collecting rent easy, with the help of a tenant portal. In fact, Buildium works well for every aspect of the property management process, such as accounting, business operations, leasing, and more.

Buildium also has a maintenance request system in which the tenants can submit repair requests online. This allows property managers and landlords to track requests more easily.

Property managers will also have a better handle on their rental business, because they can streamline the collection of potential tenants’ credit history, criminal background, and other relevant information.

Property Ware

This software is designed for owners of rentals that are single-family homes. Property Ware allows these rental owners to streamline their business, even if they must manage large portfolios. It comes with three pricing tiers. These include basic, plus, and premium plans.

If you buy the basic plan, you can run reports, advertise vacancies, manage properties and tenant portals, do accounting, and make rent payments. The plus plan adds the features of e-signatures and inspections. The premium plan gives you the ease of adding portals for your vendors.

This software shows you the largest collection of foreclosed properties. You can find a large collection of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, bank-owned homes, and auctions. If you subscribe, you will have access to listings and can participate in auctions. gives you accurate details about foreclosed properties, loan information, upcoming auctions, and more. Some industry experts contend that it ranks among the best software programs because of its capabilities for searching and sorting properties by criteria. is a website offering a wide range of real estate services. This site helps individuals to buy, sell, or rent homes. You can access numerous property listings across the US, including apartments for rent, homes for sale, foreclosures, and new construction homes. This website makes it easy to find properties on the basis of different criteria such as the number of bedrooms, price range, location, and amenities.

Additionally, it can streamline your rental business with its features such as mortgage calculators, buying and selling guides, and a directory of local real estate agents.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a cloud-based rental property management software. It comes with unique features that make it stand out from other cloud-based software platforms.

One of its key features is its user-friendly interface and its ease of use. Even if you have no experience in property management, Yardi Breeze is easy to navigate. All in all, it streamlines the operations of your rental business.

App Folio

Property owners who have large rental portfolios appreciate App Folio, as it comes with advanced features to remotely control their rental units. It supports every type of unit and includes plans for residential property owners, commercial real estate owners, and community associations.

App Folio also provides property owners with premium leads, tenant screening, utility management, automated accounts payable, and a leasing assistant powered by artificial intelligence.


Let Property Management Software Streamline Your Rental Business

Don’t hesitate to seek out a high quality property management software program if you own a rental business. Then be sure to choose the one that will best enable you to work in a more efficient manner.