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In this article, we discuss the essential technical elements that thriving businesses rely on. Is your business among the successful ones? Or is it missing one or more of these key components? Read on to find out more.


By now, everybody knows the statistics that show the rate at which small businesses close. The Bureau of Labor Statistics excels in providing accurate (albeit discouraging) data about the survival rate of small businesses.

After ten years’ time, if yours is one of the 35 percent of businesses that are still open, you doubtless have a pretty good idea of what got you there. How much do you attribute to your business plan? How much do you attribute to your understanding of your customers? Of the marketplace? How much was blind luck and timing?

Of the myriad elements that blend in the right way for businesses that remain solvent, none are as critical for success as technology. Moreover, the right partner, like Kubernetes Consulting Services, offers everything from advisory services to application development to deployment, and even security features.

When you deal with a Kubernetes partner, you see how a firm that brings industry-respected professional support to bear on your logistical and technological issues can be of massive assistance.

This is because consultants play an important role in implementing the tools below. And they also ensure compliance and security throughout implementation. These technical elements are likely to spell success for your business.

Software for Team Collaboration

Your team is your business’s holistic-minded brain. Ideally, when it performs efficiently, the business sees favorable returns. The COVID era caused 74 percent of businesses to shut down. One of the most disruptive aspects of that time was the lack of information technology in place. For many businesses, this extended to an inability to have the team working and collaborating at maximum levels of efficiency.

Streamlining collaboration efforts allows the team to get to business without having to waste time and energy figuring out the logistics or meeting. Everybody’s time is precious and wasted time kills. Moreover, as David Khalil wisely observed, it is a commodity. In fact, how you spend time determines what your life will be. Businesses that employ the right project management tools simply aren’t spending their precious time spinning their wheels. Instead, they are utilizing dynamic Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. These tools allow them to share ideas that will help them to complete their tasks, among other things.

The Technical Elements of Customer Relationship Management

Tantamount to efficient collaboration is a brand’s relationship with its customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) is an effective technology that helps to manage a business’s relationships and exchanges with customers and potential customers. The four elements that customer relationship management occupies itself with are customer retention, loyalty, profitability and satisfaction. But the overarching goal is to assist in customer retention and drive sales growth.

A good CRM tracks data for you, including the information that deals with business leads, prospects, and clients. Effectively, a CRM is capable of presenting a business with what it considers all salient data regarding a customer, over the course of the customer lifecycle.

A great CRM and marketing automation package can cover a range of solutions while also helping to cut costs. These are generally cloud-based platforms. They can serve to organize and examine every customer’s file. Moreover, the examinations can be as deep or shallow as the administrator prefers.

Next-level packages allow businesses to store customer feedback. This can be both presented for ethos and mined for data. Incredibly, CMR and marketing automation could be the gateway to truly personalized customer experiences, on a large scale. That spells loyalty.


Open-Source Technology

Open-source tools put intuitive technology into the hands of companies that have unique needs that require innovative tools. This software solution streamlines routine tasks by making it possible for companies to adjust the code to suit their individual needs. This is ideal for companies that utilize cloud-based platforms but need customization to further their ends.

System administrators can integrate apps and automate workflows with intuitive programs that can even be adjusted as time goes on or needs shift. As the future of technology moves, the trend toward open source software resources and other tools that can be customized is sure to increase.


Applying the Appropriate Technical Elements

All things considered, technology is an obvious difference-maker. The virtual doors that it opens translate into very real revenue and opportunity for growth and expansion. It allows you to have your finger on the pulse of the market and your customers, as well as the internal workings of the business.

Finally, technology is the commonality between security, communication, record-keeping and analytics, efficiency and so much more. Applying the appropriate tech for the tasks at hand will help your business keep up with the competition, who you know is always looking for the next advantage, technological or otherwise.