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How Does Digital Media Influence Our Lives?

The internet is likely one of humanity’s greatest innovations. Digital media is now everywhere, accessible to everybody, and people use it on a wide range of devices.

It is undeniable that digital media powerfully influences the world we live in, both positively and negatively. Let’s learn about both the beneficial and harmful effects of digital media in our lives.


Digital Media 101

Let’s start with the definition of digital media so we understand the concept well.

Digital media is a means of expressing thoughts or opinions by using electronic devices. It is a rapid, efficient, and simple way of material distribution and communication.

This covers data broadcast in the form of audio, video, text, and graphics. It is possible to transmit over the internet and other electronic channels as well, including television, radio, and so on.

Studying the Effects of Digital Media

Digital media is sometimes beneficial, but sometimes very harmful for users. It can be said that digital media has both positive and negative impacts.

Let’s scrutinize the most outstanding effects of digital media on culture and society.

Positive Effects of Digital Media

There are lots of positive effects of digital media. Here are three common outcomes:

Having Fun

What would we have done without social media platforms? Today’s most entertaining digital spaces are definitely social media platforms. There are lots of networks for artistic expression, allowing users to share amusing videos.

For example, many people enjoy TikTok. You can find various videos which are fun and creative. You can take part in challenges and make friends and followers. In this context, you want to reach a wider audience so you search for ways to expand your fan base. This is also the case if you plan to use this platform to attract new customers to your small business.

To reach and engage more followers, you can look for providers such as Views4You that sell TikTok followers. Give them a chance and you’ll be glad you did.

Other ways to interact on social media include following the latest dance trends on TikTok or creating memes on Instagram. Thanks to these platforms, we can relax, laugh, and build relationships around our interests.

There is always time for enjoyment, even in the midst of life’s sometimes hectic pace.

Fresh Information

Digital media is a really important source of real-time information. Mass communication and journalism abound on digital platforms. News agencies and broadcasting channels vie for your attention, as they want to gain as much coverage as possible.

Therefore, you can use your phone or computer to catch up on all the live updates. You can also get the latest news about your country, town, favorite team, or people.

To catch up with the latest developments on your favorite sports team, for example, you can choose to follow their official website or social media channels. In this way, you can get real-time scores and instant game analysis.


Thanks to the internet and digital media, anyone may share their expertise, opinions, and experiences with anyone anywhere in the world. Individuals can gather on one social media platform to communicate with each other. It doesn’t matter where you are if your interests are similar, you can engage with lots of different people. For example, you can establish a community with your TikTok followers just by communicating with them.

Plus, with social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you can find your voice to speak with influential figures and large organizations about the issues that affect yours and others’ lives.

For instance, you could write a post about environmental issues on Twitter to attract attention to this topic. When you do, don’t forget to use hashtags and related keywords to enhance the visibility of your post.

Negative Aspects of Digital Spaces

Unfortunately, social media has negative effects as well as good ones. Here are two of the more common negative consequences.

Misinformation and Disinformation

The internet gives us access to an almost limitless quantity of information. It is estimated that the four major corporations—Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook—dominate a minimum of 1,200 petabytes. This is equal to 1.2 million terabytes, a mind-blowing quantity of digital flow!

However, if you’re discerning, you’ll notice that there is both beneficial and worthless information. Therefore, it’s important to use your best critical thinking skills with digital media. Double-check the information you find on the internet to ensure the truthfulness of what you’re seeing.


Unfortunately, addiction to digital media has become problematic for many. This is especially the case with social media platforms. Addiction to networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, as well as to the mobile devices we view them on, is becoming more and more common in our world.

If this is happening with you, you many notice that you’re more tense and melancholy. You may feel anxious or angry when you have no access to the internet. Look for these symptoms, especially if you have been using these platforms excessively. If you feel you may have become addicted to the internet, please seek help.


Can I preserve traditional cultural activities via digital media platforms?

Yes, you can. It is possible to save memories of traditional cultural activities with digital platforms. Use them for digitizing and preserving cultural expressions. For example, you could record traditional dance performances and virtual museum tours. These platforms also give us opportunities to preserve cultural events such as online music festivals and holiday celebrations.

How does digital media affect consumer behavior?

The internet holds a massive amount of information. People can access services and products easily via online sales pages. With targeted advertising and social media marketing, businesses can shape consumer preferences effortlessly. One way to address this is to feature user ratings and reviews. These can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.


How can people manage the influence of digital media on their lives?

This is not easy but there are ways to handle this situation. You can set personal boundaries by limiting your screen time. Also, try to engage in offline activities such as working a puzzle or reading a book.