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Tips for Keeping Tenants Happy and Satisfied

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As a property owner and real estate investor, you have numerous responsibilities and goals. The key to being successful is to properly prioritize the “big things” versus the “little things.” And when you keep the big things the big things, it tends to breed success. One of those big things is keeping your tenants happy.

In fact, tenant satisfaction is one of the primary drivers of long term cash flow and profitability. But if you’re new to the business—or haven’t made this a priority in the past—you might not be sure where to begin.

Let’s explore that challenge together.

The 7 Best Ways to Keep Tenants Happy

Tenant satisfaction is ultimately rooted in a feeling of being respected, treated fairly, and given fair accommodations in exchange for the amount of rent being paid.

Here are some different ways you can appeal to these desires.

1. Maintain Open and Clear Communication

Good communication is key in any relationship, including the one between a landlord and tenant. Always be clear, open, and honest with your tenants to keep them happy. Let them know the best ways to contact you and make sure to be reasonably available to respond to their queries or concerns.

When you first rent out your property, give your tenants all the information they need about the property, their lease, and any rules or guidelines you might have. This upfront communication can prevent misunderstandings and issues down the line.


2. Respond Promptly to Maintenance Requests and Keep Tenants Happy

Nothing frustrates tenants more than a landlord who takes too long to fix problems. Always respond quickly to maintenance requests, whether it’s a leaking faucet or a broken heater. If you can’t fix the problem immediately, communicate with your tenants about when they can expect it to be resolved.

Consider using online systems where tenants can submit their maintenance requests. This helps you keep track of issues and ensures that you don’t miss any requests. Showing that you care about tenants’ comfort and are willing to maintain the property promptly will increase tenant satisfaction and keep them happy.

If you don’t personally have the capacity to respond to maintenance requests, make sure you hire a property management company or some other employee who can oversee maintenance requests and repair coordination for you. This is an important piece of the tenant satisfaction “puzzle.”

3. Provide Modern Amenities

Tenants appreciate properties that are up-to-date with modern amenities. This doesn’t mean you have to renovate your entire property, but small upgrades can make a big difference. Consider installing energy-efficient appliances, high-speed internet, or even smart home devices like thermostats and smoke detectors. If it’s a cheap property with cheap rent, there’s no need to “over-upgrade” the property just to make tenants happy. But do make some investments that are appropriate for the property.

4. Respect Tenant Privacy

While it’s important to check on your property periodically, it’s also crucial to respect your tenants’ privacy. Always provide adequate notice before entering their home, except in emergency situations. Most states have specific laws about how much notice you must give, usually 24 to 48 hours.

5. Offer Flexible Payment Options

People appreciate flexibility and convenience in payments. Offering multiple ways to pay rent, such as through direct bank transfers, online payment platforms, or even credit card payments, can make it easier for you to keep your tenants happy and satisfied.

Also, consider being flexible with due dates if possible. For example, aligning rent due dates with your tenants’ paydays can relieve financial pressure and make it easier for them to pay on time.

6. Keep the Property Safe

Tenants want not only to be happy but also to feel safe in their homes. Here are some ways to provide for that:

  • Ensure that all locks on doors and windows are sturdy and functional.
  • Consider adding security features such as motion sensor lights or a security system, especially in areas where safety might be a concern.
  • Regularly assess the property for any potential hazards and address them promptly.

7. Show Appreciation

A little appreciation can go a long way. Simple gestures like sending a holiday card, offering a small rent discount for renewing a lease, or even just a thank-you note for being great tenants can make your renters feel valued. When tenants feel appreciated, they’re more likely to be happy and therefore more cooperative and communicative, which can make your job as a landlord much easier.


Keep Your Tenants Happy

Happy and satisfied tenants will respect your property, pay on time, and stick around for longer periods of time. While it might require a little more work and intentionality on your part, making a commitment to the principles discussed in this article will serve you well in the long run.