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The Benefits of Providing Employees With Ergonomic Workstations – Especially In The Medical Field

It might seem shocking to learn that almost 100,000 people die each year due to medical errors that occur within American hospitals. Sobering as that figure might be, the fact that these deaths are largely preventable make the statistic all the more lamentable. Read more about how providing ergonomic working environments can help any business environment.

Understanding The Difference Between Medical Caregivers And Companion Businesses

When it is all about the care for the elderly, it is vital to know the major difference between medical and non-medical caregiver services. Medical and non-medical caregivers do not fulfill the same requirements.

Lifesaving Medical Invention

The Epoch Times: A lifesaving medical device invented by a Canadian trauma surgeon is expected to hit markets this year, and it is already getting...

Franchised Urgent Medical Care Comes To The Valley

WFIR News Talk Radio: Franchising takes a new direction this weekend in the Roanoke Valley — the region’s first franchised urgent care center. Doctor’s Express...
SEO Tips

9 Great SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Effective SEO strategy will help increase traffic to your site. This is absolutely necessary if you own a online business. Here are nine SEO tips your small business needs to implement today.
Business Insurance

Expert Business Insurance Tips for Dentists

Whether you’re starting a solo practice or are sharing space with other dentists, you have a lot invested in your practice. A dentist’s office is a business and it needs to be protected. Let's review a few types of business insurance coverage specific to dental practices your business needs.
Job Injuries

On-the-Job Injuries: What You Need to Know for Your Business

Unfortunately, employees can be injured on the job, especially if they have a dangerous occupation. However, here's what you need to know about job injuries to protect your business and empower your employees.
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5 Healthy Snacks That Will Help You Rock at College

Whether you have decided to attend college because you intend to embark on a business career or you simply desire to better your lot in life, you want to give college your best shot. In this post we try to point you in the right direction by suggesting some healthy snacks to eat while you study.
firefighters - featured image

Online Certification Options for Aspiring Firefighters

Firefighters are heroes who endanger their own lives to ensure the safety of people and buildings. The credentials listed in this article are among the most necessary and beneficial for a flourishing firefighting career.
animal blog

How to Monetize an Animal Blog

An animal blog is one of the most effective ways to make money online. If you have a cute pet, you can make it an internet superstar.
general contractor - featured image

6 Signs of an Excellent Full-Service General Contractor

Instead of hiring multiple contractors for their projects, many businesses hire a full-service team. Here are some advantages of hiring an excellent full service general contractor for your project.
CBD business - featured image

Embracing CBD Business Opportunities: Get Started in 2021

As innovative advancements appear daily and manufacturers find new ways to produce, market, and develop cannabidiol products, it’s a good idea to look into CBD business opportunities in 2021.
elevations rtc - featured image

Elevations RTC Keeps Teens Safe and Educated in a Pandemic

While you remain at home running your small business, are you worried about your teen who is living away from home at school? In this post, we take a look at what one school, Elevations RTC, is doing to keep kids safe while providing them with a proper education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How to Keep Your Office Safe This Fall and Winter

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling. In fall 2020, many employers have decided to bring their employees back to the office. However, are you concerned about how to keep your office safe this fall and winter? We’ve outlined our best tips for reducing your COVID-19 risks below.
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Steps to Starting a Call Center

Businesses large and small need a dedicated crew to handle their phone calls. Smart business owners know that relying on a call center to handle inbound and outbound phone calls improves productivity and streamlines processes, while also saving time and money.
same-day loan

Same Day Loans: Understanding the Basics

Are you in urgent need of cash and considering a same-day loan? Even though the need is an emergency, you still should take a little time to compare options and familiarize yourself with how these loans work.
scorpions - featured image

Scorpions and What You Can Do About Them

Most of us don’t have to worry about finding a scorpion under our desks, but if your business is located in Arizona, you might need some help in dealing with them. Read on if this post applies to you—or if you’re just curious about scorpions.
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What to Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied

When you make an insurance claim after an accident, the last thing you need is for it to be rejected. However, when this is the case, here is what you can do.
Car crash not your fault - featured image

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, you have undoubtedly had to deal with multiple doctor’s appointments, lots of bills and plenty of hours missed from running your business. Here's what to do, especially if the car accident was not your fault.
personal injury

What to Do After a Personal Injury Accident

After you have experienced a personal injury, you have a lot on your mind. However, it’s important to take the proper steps...