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Improve The Battery Life of Your Smartphone

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Extended Battery Life For Wi-Fi Devices

A student from Duke University, Justin Manweiler, has come up with a unique device that will help extend the life of devices using wi-fi,...
mobility caring - featured image

Enjoy a More Rewarding Lifestyle with Mobility Caring

Mobility Caring is an Australian specialist provider of medical and home care equipment and technology. Use their products for a new lease on life.
coffee gadgets

Coffee Gadgets: Cool Gifts for the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Are you a coffee lover? Is there one brand of coffee that holds your loyalty? Are you one of those business owners who keeps a favorite coffee mug at your desk while you're working? Does your favorite barista know your first name as well as your usual order? Then there's no doubt about it. You love coffee. Therefore, show your love of coffee by investing in one or more of these cool coffee gadgets, both for yourself and for the other coffee lovers in your life.

Eco-Friendly Lifesaver Invention

Inventorspot: The “Life Light” is a combination lifesaver ring, marker buoy and emergency light that's powered with renewable energy and a built-in battery. When the...

Real Life Transformer

You might have seen him on American Idol. Although he did not get far on the show, his outfit garnered plenty of attention....

Battery Franchisor Meets Prospects, Plans 10 CT Stores

Hartford Business: Displaced corporate workers, a smart business model and a growing proliferation of cordless-operated gadgets is powering a chain of all-battery franchises to expand...

Interstate All Battery Center Ranked A Top Franchise

PR Newswire: Franchise Business Review, the industry leader in franchise market research, has named Interstate All Battery Center (IABC) to its prestigious annual Top 50...
headphones - featured image

Headphones for Office Use: Important Features to Look For

Are you in need of some headphones for the office? Never fear. You can find equipment with sound quality that is clear and crisp, providing just the right sound profile for business use. Here are some things to consider.
car sharing - featured image

Car Sharing Business Models to Consider When Traveling

Currently, car sharing has grown in popularity, especially in most developed cities around the world. In most places around the world, you can expect to get car sharing models that best suit your travel needs.
Finding Laptops

How-To Guide: Finding Laptops for Your Business

Laptops are excellent tools for businesses, especially startups. Use this how-to guide when finding the best deal on laptops for your new business.
remote companies

5 Amazing Statistics About Remote Companies

Various agencies around the world are studying remote companies. They point out the trends remote companies are setting and how well they perform. Here are some highlights of what they have found.
mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing: Tips for Marketing to People on the Go

Marketing is often used as an umbrella term to cover all efforts to get the word out. Because of this, it can seem as if all efforts and avenues are equal. But there is a big difference between a local newspaper and a national magazine. There’s an even bigger difference between print marketing and mobile marketing. Because of these differences, the marketing approach has to be tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

Unusual, Yet Lucrative, Franchise Opportunities

We’re not saying that these odd franchise opportunities are going to be right for you, but at the very least, they’re interesting to learn about, if only to realize that opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes.

Talk to the Hand

Cassandra Daily: Playing make-believe is typically an imagination exercise, but Italian company hi-Fun has created taken it to a highly functional level. The...

Is An Electronic Cigarette Franchise Right For You?

You don't need to be an electronic cigarette expert to pursue franchise opportunities in this fast-growing industry. There’s no better time to take advantage of...

Laptop, Chromebook or Tablet: What’s Best for Business?

Computers are an essential part of just about any business, but with all of the options on the markets these days, it can be...
Image of a young man riding a solowheel for transportation

Reseller Opportunity: Self Balancing Unicycle

Watch out Segway - here comes the Solowheel!   What is a Solowheel? It’s like a Segway, but without the annoying handle, and less nerdy and awkward....

7″ Android Tablet for Christmas 2012

A reader asked: Any suggestions on what I can get my entrepreneur husband for Christmas? We don't have a lot of extra money,...

Inventor Gets Smart About Shoe Phone

The Australian: In the days of modern cellular technology, the idea of having an Agent 86-style phone inside a shoe might not seem particularly advanced. But...