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Clean Coal Technology

A team of students at Ohio State University have developed a system to burn coal cleanly: For 203 continuous hours, they operated a...
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The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

If you own a home-based business, upgrading your home in every way possible will make your life better and your work life easier. To that end, have you ever considered installing an outdoor kitchen? Here we list some of the many benefits.
safety workwear

Safety Workwear: Yes, You Can Give Employees Stylish Options

Do your employees balk at having to dress in safety workwear on the job? If so, why not relax the rules, just a little? As long as safety workwear is, well, safe, you can allow employees who want to project a sense of style to do so. Every workplace has different ideas and standards for acceptable clothing for the workplace. And you really can't give employees unlimited choices about what to wear to work. However, who says that someone can’t be stylish in their work attire, even if it has to be safety workwear?

802 Most Common Small Businesses in the United States

A reader needed a couple new business ideas for his small town. Dane came through in droves.

Energy From Recycled Carbon

Viva Cundliffe's carbon catcher may be the next step in green technology, if she has her way with it. Her catcher uses the...

How Captain Kangaroo Saved Play-Doh

Mental Floss: Back before it was Play-Doh, everyone’s favorite squishy clay was actually a wallpaper cleaner used to clean soot off of walls. But when...

11 Ways to Make Money With Robots

Sometimes, the future seems so far away. Twenty five years ago, we all assumed that we'd be jetting around flying cars and being...