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IFA Lawsuit Against Discriminatory Provisions of Seattle Minimum Wage Law Moves Forward in U.S....

In court filings this week, the International Franchise Association provided new details in support of its legal challenge to the provisions of Seattle’s new...

Tossed(R) Grand Opening Brings Its Fresh, Healthy Cuisine To LA’s Financial District

Franchising.com: Tossed®, home of garden fresh salads, crepe wraps, grilled Panini, sandwiches and soups, is proud to announce the Wednesday, March 14, 2012 grand opening...

Holiday Inn Wall Street To Open In The Heart Of New York City’s Financial...

Franchising.com: IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), the world's largest hotel group by number of rooms, announced today that the Holiday Inn Wall Street will open in...
moving with kids - featured image

Moving with Kids: Your Guide for a Smooth Transition

Moving is stressful for everyone, adults and kids alike. This can be especially true if you own a home-based business—and if you have children. What tips should you know to move smoothly and without any hassles? Keep reading to learn more.
retire - featured image

8 Up-and-Coming Places to Visit Before You Retire

Like many Americans, you probably cannot stop dreaming about your retirement. So, whether you are ready for matching beach chairs or planning an early retirement getaway, these eight locations are must-see places to visit before you retire. (And, hey, maybe you can actually retire there.)

6 Important Tips for Relocating Your Small Business

Relocating a small business can be stressful, overwhelming, and exciting all at the same time. However, here are six important tips to help ensure everything runs smoothly on your moving day.
japan - featured image

Are You Dreaming of a Holiday in Japan?

A holiday in Japan may not be feasible at the moment. However, if you’ve been working hard on your business and you just need a break, you could visit an online Japan casino.
games - featured image

The Legal Arena: Games That Danced with Litigation

Video games contain some very graphic and sometimes arguably gratuitous violence, but the courtroom is where things truly get ugly.
Transport Company

Starting a Pet Transport Company: What You Need to Know

Pets are an integral part of many families across the United States. There is a growing number of people preferring to travel with their pets. As a result, the pet travel market is flourishing. Here's what you need to know to start a pet transport company in 2021.
General Liability Insurance

5 Reasons Your Business Needs General Liability Insurance

Lawsuits filed against your business can bankrupt you if you are not careful. Learn five important reasons you need general liability insurance to protect your business as soon as possible.
ideal business plan

Writing an Ideal Business Plan: Tips for Students

Writing an ideal business plan helps any graduating student jump-start their business endeavor or business career. Here is what you must learn to include.
London on a budget

London on a Budget: Plan Your Weekend Visit

London has a bit of a reputation for being an expensive vacation destination, but it's totally possible to enjoy its beautiful sights on a budget.
washington dc - featured image

What You Should Know Before Moving to Washington DC

Are you considering relocating your business to the capitol of the United States? Here are some things you should take into consideration before moving to Washington DC.
breathalyzer - featured image

Can You Lose Your License for Refusing a Breathalyzer?

Getting pulled over after you have had a few drinks is extremely stressful, especially when you know that if you take a breathalyzer test you are sure to be charged with driving drunk. The situation can be even worse if you're a business owner.
age discrimination

What Is Considered Age Discrimination in California?

In this post, we shed light on the topic of age discrimination. Employers will learn what they can do to avoid being sued. Also, workers will learn about the steps they can take if they feel their employers are discriminating against them because of their age.

NAIC Number: What It Is and How to Find out About It

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) was formed in 1871. Today it serves...

Mixing Business and Pleasure: 6 Ways to Get More out of Business Travel

There’s no reason business travel shouldn’t be fun. If traveling for work is unavoidable, why not do everything in your power to ensure that you actually look forward to it, rather than dread it? You might never learn to love unexpected flight delays, traffic in unfamiliar cities, or long security lines, but at least you’ll enjoy the ride.

Going Local: 4 Ways Great Businesses Serve Their Communities

It’s easy for budding entrepreneurs to waste time racking their brains for a business model that’s completely original. And sometimes innovation doesn’t pay off. For example, for every flourishing Dell Technologies there’s a DeLorean that conspicuously fails. The best businesses often keep it simple. That is, they focus on providing the goods, services and entertainment the people in their neighborhoods need most. So if you’re thinking of going local with a startup, here are 4 ways great businesses serve their communities.

Meet Me in Miami: How to Start a Business in Miami

Miami was recently listed as one of the best cities in the US in which to do business. The Magic City, as it is popularly known, has pleasant warm weather throughout the year. Its beautiful sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife attract tourists from all over the world. In addition, Miami's population represents multiple nationalities and ethnicities. It changes throughout the year as tourists move into and out of the city. Business owners who move to Miami from other cities often record an immediate increase in revenue, despite the constant changes in the population. If you are considering starting a business in the Magic City, here is a guide to point you in the right direction.
trip to Thailand

How to Plan a Thrilling Trip to Thailand with Friends

Once you have your business up and running, give your mind and your body a break by taking a trip to Thailand. A vacation in Thailand is one of the most exciting things you could ever do, especially if you go with friends. Your trip to Thailand will be an adventure that you and your friends will talk about in years to come, and you'll make memories you will cherish forever.