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exchanging money

Exchanging Money Abroad: 10 Simple Tips for Getting a Better Deal

When you're traveling internationally, be sure to have a proper plan for exchanging money. In short, understand when, where, and how to exchange your money for the local currency. Knowing these things will help you to avoid unnecessary costs.
bitcoin loophole - featured image

Bitcoin Loophole Review 2021

Bitcoin Loophole software is a superior toolkit for checking updates and changes in the face value of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Especially if you’re new to trading cryptocurrencies, you should use this software to increase your knowledge.
knowledge - featured image

How to Efficiently Share Company Knowledge

No company knowledge is ever useless. But knowledge is a whole lot more valuable when it’s possessed by the whole team, rather than a single worker or team. What does that entail? Here are six steps that are key for knowledge management.
MBA in banking and finance

MBA in Banking and Finance: Multiple Career Opportunities

A master’s in business administration (MBA) in banking and finance is a professional qualification. It will provide a strong foundation for many aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly in the field of accounting and finance. Read here to find out more.
online education trends

Online Education Trends in 2020

The reason for the rapid growth in online education lies in its advantages. This article is an observation of general trends in e-learning in 2020.
contractzen - featured image

ContractZen: The Complete Corporate Governance Hub

ContractZen offers a centralized solution that helps companies keep due diligence materials up-to-date. Additionally, everyone in your organization will know how to quickly find business documents and contracts, create virtual data rooms in a matter of a few clicks, and organize fully digital meetings.
forex robot - featured image

Can You Make a Profit by Trading with a Forex Robot?

The ultimate aim of any investment is to make a profit. And one of the most lucrative ways of earning that many millennials have found in this digital era is Forex. What's more, Forex trading is made easier when you use a Forex robot.
Internet and millennials - featured image

How Millennials’ Demands Are Reshaping the Internet

Today, we carry the Internet in our pockets and purses, using it to distract us when we're bored. We take for granted its power to run our businesses, connect our world, and shape our very lives. But now the Internet itself is undergoing a vast transformation, set in motion by the expectations and demands of millennials.
Cryptocurrency - featured image

Automation in a Brave New Cryptocurrency World

Today, cryptocurrencies are apparently here to stay. Whether you trade in them or not, they are nonetheless becoming part of everyday life. What's more, traders are turning to automated solutions to guide their trades more often now than ever before.
WhatsApp Marketing - featured image

A Brief Guide to WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp boasts more than one billion monthly users from countries all around the world. The app has become an important messaging tool for both personal and business use. The best part is that it is free to use.

Why You Should Hire a Jazz Band for Your Next Corporate Event

Whether you’re planning a product launch party, a milestone celebration, or a farewell dinner for your CEO, you should hire a jazz band. That's because, in addition to food, your guests will be expecting high-class musical entertainment.


Welcome to the Business Opportunities.biz Resource List This is a list of resources, books, software programs, websites, motivational speakers and so on that I have...

Clients, Customers and Co-Workers: Gifting Everyone Despite the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday...

Christmas is a time when we show our appreciation to family and friends by exchanging gifts that are personal and meaningful. So, why shouldn’t this be the case with your customers and employees too? As the festivities approach it can be difficult to find the time to start organizing something for everyone within your business but this could help to further your business’s success the following year.

Balance and Faith Keys to Success for FIT4MOM Franchiseee

FIT4MOM is the largest fitness program for moms as well as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation.

Do You Really Need A VC?

According to Business Insider, only 3 out of every 100 companies that try to get cash from angel investors succeed. The success rate...

Small Businesses Make a Comeback in California

There were numerous regulations placed on financial institutions after the Great Recession. Numerous lenders and banks decided to abide by strict regulations by refusing...

Powerful Online Presence: Improve your Business Email Etiquette

When presenting business cards in Asia, it is supposedly customary to hold out the business card in both hands and bow slightly towards your...

Business Cards Are Lame

In my continuing coverage of the decline of business card usage come this article from the LA Times: Chalk up another looming casualty...

Increasing Your Social Circle with Online Gaming

We are all aware that online gaming is massive, but it isn’t always clear why. One of the biggest draws of online gaming is...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: August 16

1858 – U.S. President James Buchanan inaugurates the new transatlantic telegraph cable by exchanging greetings with Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. However, a...