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Live Out Your East Germany Military Fantasies at This Bunker

In Frauenwald, there's a museum inside an old military bunker leftover from GDR times. Rather than simply perusing the Soviet-era tchotchkes, why...

Germany Dog Washer

Germans may have been a little slow in discovering the higher art of dog grooming, but after TV pet psychologists and canine spas, a...

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Plans To Expand Presence In Germany

MarketWatch: Dunkin' Donuts, America's all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, today announced that it has signed a franchisee agreement with local entrepreneurs Sadi...

Domino’s Pizza Enters Germany

European Franchising: Domino's Pizza, a USA-based pizza takeaway franchise, has signed a Master Franchise deal for Germany. Mr Yakir Gabay, who founded the Grand City...

Domino’s Pizza To Enter Germany

Franchising.com: Domino's Pizza, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, will enter Germany by completing a Master Franchise Agreement with the founder of Grand City...

Mars Venus Success Coaching Adds New Franchisee In Germany

Franchise Wire: Success Coach Michael Kubina has opened an office in Ilsede, about 40 km east of the major center of Hanover with a population...

Holiday Inn’s Portfolio In Germany To Be Expanded

Franchise Key: InterContinental Hotels Group has announced that it has signed a franchise agreement with Foremost Hospitality GmbH to introduce 20 new Holiday Inn and...

IHG In Franchise Deal For 20 New Holiday Inns In Germany

The Financial: InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has signed a franchise agreement with Foremost Hospitality GmbH to introduce 20 new Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express...
3 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Company Retreat in Berlin

3 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Company Retreat in Berlin

In Germany's renowned capital, you may choose from a variety of exciting team-building activities. Find ideas for your next company retreat in Berlin.
Predictions for the Price of Gold in 2022

Predictions for the Price of Gold in 2022

The price of gold has been on a steady upward trend since March 2021. Will this continue? If so, what factors lie behind the current level of gold valuation? What could change things?
Kieran Perry: Business Coach and Mentor

Kieran Perry: Business Coach and Mentor

Kieran Perry is a business coach and mentor who will help you reach your dreams. When you follow his guidance, your company's profits will soar like never before. Here's a quick read about how he can help you achieve what you're aiming for in your business.
micromolding - featured image

Everything You Need to Know About Micromolding

Engineers have developed methods to manufacture even the smallest and most complicated geometries using micro-injection, often called micromolding. This process is extremely useful in several industries.
ISO 20022 - featured image

ISO 20022 and ISO 20022-Compliant Cryptocurrencies

ISO 20022 is an international standard for the portrayal of electronic messages in organizations offering financial services. In this article, we share important details you should know about ISO 20022.
moscow - featured image

How the Pandemic Has Affected Foreign Trade in Moscow

The global economy has not been hit as hard as was originally feared at the peak of the pandemic. Production and trade began to recuperate in the second half of 2020, and many markets — Moscow included — found new opportunities for growth.

How Are Plastics Used and Manufactured?

Many businesses rely on plastic to package or deliver their products in a safe and healthy way. However, how and where are plastics actually manufactured?
UEFA - featured image

Which Country Will Triumph as the Next UEFA Champion?

Every four years, fans of European football rivet their attention on the UEFA Champions League. That is when the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) hosts the European Cup, one of the most prestigious sports events in the world.
Move Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Business to Canada

It is a challenging process to move your business to a different country. However, when it comes to the ever-growing economy of Canada, this decision can be very rewarding.
Construction Industry

Construction Industry: 5 Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Cutting-edge technological advancements have revolutionized the construction industry as they dramatically reshape the future of the construction sector, driving away the long-standing inefficacies. Have a look at these trends for 2021.
digital business contracts - featured image

Ways to Make Your Digital Business Contracts More Secure

Digital business contracts save companies a lot of time and money. There's a catch, though. Storing such documents can be an issue because of the increasing threat of cyberattacks. Here's how to secure your digital business contracts.

CV vs. Resume: What’s the Difference and How to Pick One

Knowing the difference between a CV and a resume is essential because sometimes your entire future career may depend on how accurately you choose the type and format of your job application document. Learn the basics so you can be successful.