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Niche Biz: Natural Gas Royalties

Associated Press: Private landowners are reaping billions of dollars in royalties each year from the boom in natural gas drilling, transforming lives and...

Bullfrog Power(R) Celebrates The British Columbia Launch Of Green Natural Gas At Rocky Mountain...

Environmental Expert: Bullfrog Power, Canada's 100 per cent green energy provider, will celebrate the British Columbia launch of its new green natural gas product-the first...

American Power and Gas CEO Talks about Energy Conservation

Energy conservation has become a controversial topic in the geopolitical space. Nearly everyone talks about it, and a lot of people are working to conserve energy. However, reports indicate that we continue to waste energy. American Power and Gas, a quickly growing energy company, is working hard to help people understand the importance of energy conservation. The company works to provide Americans with renewable energy at affordable prices. Its CEO, Tom Cummins, spoke to us about the venture and the importance of preserving energy. Here's what he had to say.

The Windi: Gas Relief For Babies

As every parent knows, gassy babies are not fun. They cry and fuss a lot, and it can leave parents frustrated. However, would you...

How Businesses Should Prepare for Natural Disasters

When it comes to natural disasters, businesses should be prepared as well as communities and towns. Businesses are a source of income, both for...

Shale Gas: The Re-industrialization of the Midwest

I can't embed the video, but if you're interested in the long term economic situation in the United States, you need to watch this...

Las Vegas Cruises

This is funny. I just received this email: A premium domain LasVegasCruises.com is up for sale at $488 only. Since you own similar...

The Windi: Gas Relief For Babies

As every parent knows, gassy babies are not fun. They cry and fuss a lot, and it can leave parents frustrated. However,...

As Gas Prices Rise, Pizza Hut Franchisee Expects More Carryouts

Pizza Marketing Quarterly (PMQ): According to Nation's Restaurant News, "As gasoline prices continue to rise, Pizza Hut’s largest franchisee said its delivery-oriented restaurants expect to...

The Promise of Enhanced Oil Recovery

The shale gas revolution may have seemed to emerge out of nowhere, but it in fact represented the maturation of an industry that had been developing for decades, driven by advances in multiple technologies?—?hydraulic fracturing, directional drilling, and the combined-cycle natural gas power plant.
green procurement

Why Your Business Needs a Green Procurement Strategy

You might be wondering what green procurement is and why your business needs it. What are the benefits of such a strategy? This article seeks to address these and other questions.

How Are Plastics Used and Manufactured?

Many businesses rely on plastic to package or deliver their products in a safe and healthy way. However, how and where are plastics actually manufactured?
Surface Rights

Surface Rights vs. Mineral Rights: What’s the Difference?

If you're involved in buying or selling of land, you must know all the rights involved. There are two main rights included in ownership of land: mineral rights and surface rights. It's important to stay informed about who holds the rights and how it changes the property's potential.
trading trends - featured image

Trading Trends and Using Technical Analysis

Forex traders use various methods of technical analysis while they also watch the market for trends. In these ways, they try to position their trades in order to make the greatest possible profit. In this post we discuss methods of technical analysis that you can use for trading trends in the markets.
backup generator

Find the Best Backup Generator for Your Business

Is your business prepared for a significant power outage? Do you have customer data or valuable inventory to protect? The right backup generator can save your business when your power goes out.

Weather: Does It Affect the Forex Market? If So, How?

Ensconced as they may be in air-conditioned offices, watching the markets with plenty of coffee on hand, forex traders might feel oblivious to the sun or rain beyond their windows. But forex depends on the economy, and the weather can influence the economy. So, should we turn to The Weather Channel for the outlook on the markets? Well, maybe. Let’s go over some of the ways the weather can drive currencies. However, these are perhaps different from the ways you might expect.

Top Franchise Opportunities 2016

If you dream of owning your own franchise, our list of Franchise Opportunities 2015 is the perfect place to start your search.

7 Startup Incubators to Check Out

If you think an incubator might be the best choice for your startup business, here are seven that you should look into:

Hidden Dangers in the Office

There are those jobs--such as coal mining and working with asbestos--that we all recognize as inherently dangerous. These are high exposure jobs where workers...

Edible Bugs, Whiskey & McDonald’s: Business Ideas in the News

What do edible bugs, cheap whiskey and McDonald's have in common? They're all part of today's Business Ideas in the News.