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8 Things You Must Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing in Cryptocurrency? 8 Things You Must Know

In these turbulent times, many people are thinking of ways to make ends meet and save for the future. Investing in cryptocurrency and investment in general are top of mind for a lot of people.
Is an Installment Loan a Good Fit for Your Business?

Is an Installment Loan a Good Fit for Your Business?

Installment loans are a type of loan that gives businesses access to the working capital they need, whether it's to expand operations or cover unexpected expenses. How do you know if an installment loan is right for your business?
ether - featured image

Curious About Ether? How to Trade It on Margex

Ethereum is a blockchain whose principal use is smart contracts. Ethereum also hosts its own cryptocurrency, called Ether. Although Ether has a lot of competitors, all of whom want a piece of the pie, it ranks second only to bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.
virtual cards - featured image

Virtual Cards vs. Physical Cards: A Business Owner’s Guide

When it comes to business payments today, there are two main types of cards: virtual cards and physical cards. Both have unique benefits and drawbacks that business owners should know about before sending payments over the Information superhighway or on the card swipe machine.
Cold Emails

How to Use Cold Emails to Grow Your Small Business

Is it effective to send cold emails and is it worth the effort? Yes, developing a mailing list is one of the most effective methods for increasing growth for your small business. Here's how.
snacks - featured image

5 Healthy Snacks That Will Help You Rock at College

Whether you have decided to attend college because you intend to embark on a business career or you simply desire to better your lot in life, you want to give college your best shot. In this post we try to point you in the right direction by suggesting some healthy snacks to eat while you study.
difficult customers - featured image

How Can You Deal with Difficult Customers?

If you own a small business you probably have several difficult people in your customer base right now. Here we delve into a brief review of several types of difficult customers. Which do you recognize? And how can you deal with such people?
digital workplace - featured image

Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Digital Workplace?

Organizations today need many things to be agile and successful, and high on the list is an effective digital workplace platform. However, to reap the greatest benefits from the digital workplace, you need the right strategy, the right approach, and the right culture in place.
Facebook business page

How to Make Your Facebook Business Page More Engaging

One thing is certain: You cannot hope to stand your ground in the online business world without a strong social media presence. This is why you need to make your Facebook business page more persuasive and inviting.
effective leader - featured image

8 Steps to Becoming an Effective Leader

Every organization needs an effective leader. Without one, a business or institution will fall short, become weak, and could even fail. If you want to develop your leadership skills, give these eight steps a try. Master them all, and you will become an effective leader indeed.
improving your credit score

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

Are you thinking of starting a business? If you are, one of the ducks you need to get into that proverbial row is improving your credit score. In this post, we offer some tips that can help.
manager - featured image

How to Be a Great Manager

There’s a lot of pressure involved in being a manager. What's more, you are only human, and sometimes you struggle to stay organized. But if you follow these tips, you’re sure to become not just an okay manager, but a great one!
trademark registrations

How Registered Trademarks Protect Your Brand

A federally registered trademark has many valuable protections for your brand. Read on to learn more about these important protections.
MOT test - featured image

MOT for Business Cars: Maintaining Your Fleet

All vehicles in the UK that are more than three years old, whether they’re for personal or commercial use, must pass an annual MOT safety inspection. If you own a commercial fleet in the UK—or only a single company car—this article is of utmost importance to you.
remote workers - featured image

Team-Building Ideas for Remote Workers

Remote workers have a working lifestyle that many crave. However, working remotely can be challenging for some. Here are some ideas for bringing your remote workers into the fold.
skill-based - featured image

How to Make Money Gambling Online: Games Based on Skill

Victories in online gambling are rare. However, it is easier to win large amounts of money in games based on skill rather than in games based on luck.
WhatsApp Marketing - featured image

A Brief Guide to WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp boasts more than one billion monthly users from countries all around the world. The app has become an important messaging tool for both personal and business use. The best part is that it is free to use.

Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Business Owners

Self storage units can be beneficial to business owners. They provide a space to store everything from sensitive paperwork to surplus inventory in a safe and climate-controlled environment.

Relocating for Business? You Need to Plan Carefully

When you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s occasionally necessary to move fast in order to take advantage of an opportunity. Moreover, location has a significant effect on success. Therefore, you might not be able to remain in the same spot indefinitely. If you should decide relocating is necessary, you may have to do several essential things. Following are some suggestions to ensure a smooth transition for yourself and your family.
flexible working

Attitudes Toward Flexible Working Are Changing Worldwide

Flexible working is quickly becoming a must for employees everywhere. Business owners, too, are coming to understand the importance individuals place on better work-life balance. What does this mean for your business?