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data science as a service

How Data Science as a Service Is Helping Businesses

Data is crucial for businesses today. However, business owners and managers must have a good understanding of the data available to them in order to make good decisions. This is where data science as a service comes in.
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Is Your Lab Business Running at the Best Possible Level?

You could make the argument that a lab is a place where you need to be more committed to your business than usual because of the nature of what goes on in labs. There is no question that you are going to need to be dedicated and hard-working in order to ensure your lab is running at the best possible level.
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Take the Fear out of Science Class: Tutoring for Success

As the owner of a small business, you understand that your business does not exist in a vacuum. For one thing, you must continue to take care of your personal responsibilities as well as those which pertain to your company. For example, do you have a child who needs some help with a science class? If so, you should know that modern technology has made tutoring extremely convenient and efficient.

5 Easy Ways to Get the Most Value from Data Science

In late 2016, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, an MIT researcher on Big Data and AI, highlighted some of the flaws of using data science to drive business growth. The conclusion of his study was that data analysts tend to use their jobs as an intellectual challenge. They are therefore disconnected from the economic questions they should strive to answer. Let’s find out the other reasons behind less than stellar results for companies that spend big money on big data without getting proportional returns on their investments.

Professor Egghead: Education Franchise Makes Science Cool for Kids

Brothers Shaun and Gary Tuch founded Professor Egghead Science Academy with one goal in mind: to make science cool for kids.

Physics Creates a New Kind of Pasta (For Science): Today’s Business Ideas in the...

Move over linguine, physicists have invented a brand new pasta in Today's Business Ideas in the News

Laboratory Style Initiative: Innovative Lab Coats

What does it take to make your basic laboratory coat great? It takes Laboratory Style Initiative. They specialize in lab coats, and...

Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood

Wired: As a college sophomore, Elizabeth Holmes envisioned a way to reinvent old-fashioned phlebotomy and, in the process, usher in an era of...

USANA Health Sciences Is Now an FDA-Registered Facility

MarketWatch: USANA Health Sciences, Inc. today announced it has obtained the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's "Drug Establishment Registration," allowing the company to manufacture over-the-counter...

Dr. Myron Wentz Awarded Honorary Doctor of Science Degree

PR Newswire: USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NYSE: USNA) is proud to announce that North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, awarded an honorary doctor of...

USANA and TOSH Collaborate On New Vitamin Studies

Bradenton.com: Can something as a simple as a vitamin supplement help your body recover more quickly from the pain and stiffness associated with vigorous exercise,...

The Science Of Slurpee(R): Where Frozen Meets Flavor

Franchising.com: Beakers and Brix, compounds and concentrates, acidulants and antioxidants… What might sound like a Chemistry 101 "vocab" test are actually tools used in the...

Need More Inspiration? 137 Years Of Popular Science for Free

Need even more inspiration? 137 years of Popular Science are now freely available online here.

Foresight Science & Technology Opens European Office

istockAnalyst.com: Foresight Science & Technology, a global provider of technology-related marketing, market research, and commercialization services is pleased to announce the opening of its first...

Edison’s Lab To Reopen

Associated Press: The New Jersey laboratory where Thomas Edison perfected some of his most famous inventions is reopening with a wealth of restored material. The Thomas...

Science Tells Us Which Online Ads Work

The New York Times: A technician in a black lab coat gazed at the short, middle-aged man seated inside the Walt Disney Company’s secretive new...

LifeVantage Embarks On An Innovative "Inside-Out" Approach Into The Multi-Billion Dollar Anti-Aging Market With...

EarthTimes: LifeVantage Corporation today announced that its new anti-aging skin care formula, LifeVantage TrueScience, is now available for sale to the Company’s distributors. Distributors can...

Science Teacher Capitalizes On His Lesson Planner Software

The Register-Guard: High School science teacher Jeff Hellman is beginning to wonder if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. What started in the summer...

Usana's CoQuinone 30 Wins Approval From ConsumerLab.com

TradingMarkets.com: Usana Health Sciences, a developer of high-quality nutritionals, personal care, and weight management products, has announced that its supplement CoQuinone 30 has been evaluated...
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Streamline Operations with Shrink Wrap Machinery

If your company relies on shrink wrap packaging you should consider investing in shrink wrap machinery to help optimize your operations.