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How to Create YouTube Videos: A Guide for Businesses

Video has become a vital part of digital marketing. Creating YouTube videos is a low-cost and effective advertising tool for small businesses. Our guide will show you the basics of how to create small-business videos.
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6 Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service. Like other social media channels, it enables users to interact, create, and share video content worldwide. Using YouTube can be a valuable marketing tool to promote your businesses if used correctly.
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The Best Platforms for Selling Your YouTube Merchandise

If you have managed to attract a large number of followers on YouTube, selling merchandise is an option you could explore. In this article, you will discover the best platforms for creating and selling merchandise for your YouTube channel.
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How to View Your YouTube Subscriber Count in Real Time

YouTube is the world’s most popular online video content streaming service. In fact, it boasts a billion unique visitors every month. Therefore, it represents a remarkable opportunity for individuals and brands to reach out to the world. Here, they get to express themselves, exhibit their products, and market their services.

Can Buying YouTube Views Enhance Your Marketing?

So you have decided to become an internet celebrity. You have some ideas and you know how to use a video camera (or your cell phone) so you have recorded a few things and put them up on YouTube. What do you do now? Did you know you could actually buy hits, clicks, views, likes and followers for sites like YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook? I had no idea until today. Read more to learn how

How to Generate Attention on YouTube as a Small Business

The YouTube community accounts for two thirds of the premium online videos watched on devices by millennials. Despite this, only 9% of small businesses use the platform. For brands that use YouTube, it has become a lucrative advertising channel, bringing with it the opportunity to target specific groups and interests. Read More about using online video and YouTube to grow your business

Could YouTube Be the Online Money Making Opportunity ?

The days of having only funny cat and kid videos are over. You can find some truly high quality, entertaining, and professional looking videos on the site, and that’s just what millions of people are doing on a daily basis.

A Tongue Cleaner into Wal-Mart, Via YouTube

Can a YouTube video get your business into Wal-Mart? If it goes viral, it just might. The NY Times has more: On...

YouTube Video Scored An Entrepreneur $40000

Business Insider: Nick Chmura came up with the idea for his startup because he was fed up with getting nutcrackers for Christmas. "For my first fifteen...

Agent to the Youtube Stars

Telegraph: Such are the realities of fame in today’s interconnected world. Never, in the history of show-business, have so many become known...

Outdoor Living Brands Launches YouTube Video Series Showcasing Hot, Fun And Rewarding Franchise Business...

MarketWatch: To help entrepreneurs as well as franchise brokers and their candidates interested in starting a new franchise business, Outdoor Living Brands has launched a...

Sell On Youtube Without Showing A Video

According to The Wall Street Journal, for Shelley Davis, the secret to promoting a business on YouTube isn't making videos. It's talking to customers. Two...

Some YouTube Stars Make Over $100k

Yahoo Finance: There are 10 independent YouTube stars who made over $100,000 in the past year, according to a study done by analytics...

Attracting Customers with YouTube

Google sells a lot of advertisements on their site YouTube. Many businesses use the site to promote their products and services. Sometimes,...

YouTube Wants You to Sit and Stay Awhile

Two weeks ago, YouTube celebrated when the number of videos viewed daily on its site reached two billion, a milestone. But according to The New...

YouTube And The New Creative Class

According to CNet News, a half decade after YouTube's birth, the site exceeds 2 billion views a day. It seems that everyone--from music labels...

YouTube To Let Users Charge Rental Fees

YouTube exec Hunter Walk told MediaPost that the site will soon offer its users the ability to charge rental fees for their uploaded videos. For...

Episodic Deal May Monetize YouTube

In its fifth acquisition of 2010, Google has acquired a fledgling video Relevant Products/Services service that could offer some backup Relevant Products/Services to its...

YouTube University

Call it “YouTube U.” The Philadelphia Inquirer says more and more people are turning to YouTube for demonstrations of skills they’d like to learn....

YouTube Video Leads To $30 Million Hollywood Contract

Fede Alvarez's short film "Ataque de Panico!" (Panic Attack!) features giant robots invading and destroying Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, reports the BBC. It is...