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Software Allows You to Run a Sportsbook Business from Home

Because of saturation and fierce competition in other online business verticals, running a sportsbook online might be the best home business for you. Not sure? Read on to find out more.
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Smart Ways to Strategically Spend Your Extra Marketing Budget

At the end of the fiscal year, companies sometimes find that they haven’t spent as much from their marketing budget as they had planned. A question begins to arise: What do we do with this leftover money? Here are some of the best ways you can make that extra budget work for you.

Considering Real Estate Investing? It’s Time to Act Fast

The housing market is booming in many areas. However, there aren’t enough properties to meet the investing demand. Here are a few factors to consider if you've been thinking about whether or not to invest.
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Why the Data Logger Is Replacing the Chart Recorder

This is the story of how the chart recorder—a remarkable tool in its time—was ultimately replaced by the digital data logger. The data logger is a better tool for the same job, but it probably wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for the trail blazed by the chart recorder.
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8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About BTC

As people become more familiar with bitcoin (BTC) and news about it spreads, some of us have begun thinking we know all about it. But bitcoin is more widely used—and widely traveled—than you might know. Here are eight surprising facts you probably didn’t already know about BTC.
Entrepreneur Checklist

Essential Entrepreneur Checklist for New Businesses

Are you thinking about launching a new business? Follow these essential steps of our entrepreneur checklist to ensure a successful and productive start.

Over 40 of the Best Small Business Ideas For Men

Here's a list of over 40 small business ideas for men. Most of these business ideas have little start-up costs and low...
higher education

Higher Education And Your Business

If you own a business, you might think higher education isn't in the cards. Nothing could be further from the truth or more unproductive!

Marketing Transparency and Your Customer

Excellence in marketing directly impacts consumer spending around the world. You want to get your message through a crowded marketplace. Here is how.

What You Need to Know About a Home Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage and owning a home is not easy. But when you own a home-based business, owning your own home just makes a lot of sense. However, given the current condition of the economy, many banks have stopped lending money to individuals with less than perfect credit scores. This is why it is imperative to know everything that you possibly can about a home mortgage before you apply. Below, you will learn everything you need to know about home mortgages.

Why People Are Switching to Online Business Courses and Training

The internet has transformed learning, and that includes the training of new employees. Many people now prefer to pursue courses online instead of attending traditional classroom sessions in colleges and universities. This method of learning is convenient for tutors and students alike, because tutors can customize courses and schedules to suit the needs of their students. What's more, online business courses are a top choice among all the course offerings. Here are more advantages of online learning.

Anik Singal and Micro-moment Marketing

Google explains micro marketing moments as, "the critical touch points of a customers journey" Read the full article to discover this journey and find out where in the journey your customers WILL buy from you

How to Analyze a Business Opportunity

Use this condensed checklist as a way to begin judging whether the business opportunity will be successful and profitable.

Old Books: New Profits – Selling Used Books on Amazon

Selling used books is an extremely easy, low risk, no capital required way to pay the bills.

150+ Hours of Great Movies for Entrepreneurs

Warning: don't try to watch all these movies in one sitting, but if you must: make some popcorn, turn down the lights and put...

Massage a Horse: Go to Jail

The Institute for Justice: That’s the absurd fate Karen Hough could face if she wants to continue her business in Nebraska. A certified...

Top 15 Entrepreneurial Biographies

Raising Eyebrows Not every entrepreneur gets it right the first time, or even the fifth, but...

Massage a Horse: Go to Jail

The Institute for Justice: That’s the absurd fate Karen Hough could face if she wants to continue her business in Nebraska. A certified...

How I Accidentally Became a Professional Blogger in 2001

This is the story of how I accidentally became a professional blogger and started Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog. This tale has been a...

When Franchises Merge: What You Need To Know

Entrepreneur.com: Let's say you buy a retail or service franchise in your community. A competing franchise operates in town but does not pose a significant...