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5 Essential Benefits of Online Advertisement for Your Business

Technology and online platforms provide a positive impact to businesses of all sizes. It provides an opportunity for businesses to venture out with new strategies to grow worldwide. This can be done easily with proper online advertisement and engagement.
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RevenueWire: A Platform for Online Advertisers

RevenueWire provides a tool for tracking sales from referrals and advertising promotions directly, helping marketers and advertisers make better-informed decisions. The technology of this B2B platform also includes payment processing for these sales. Read here to learn more.

Crazy Money Making Idea: Walking Advertisement

Dan Strong owns a business called StripWalker, which sounds dirty but isn't. Starting January 1, for three hours a day, Strong will be walking...

5 Innovative Ways to Advertise Your Business

Owning and running a business isn’t quite as simple as it used to be a few years ago. Long gone are the days of...

Wal-Mart’s First Advertisement

This is where it began in 1962. Below is the first ever advertisement for Wal-Mart. No comment from me.

Crazy Money Making Idea: Walking Advertisement

Dan Strong owns a business called StripWalker, which sounds dirty but isn't. Starting January 1, for three hours a day, Strong will be walking...

Ronald McDonald Will Appear In New McDonald’s Advertisements

Herald Sun: Ronald McDonald will be beating the dust of his baggy yellow trousers and emerging from retirement to star in a series of adverts...

Google Wooing Advertisers Via Phone

The web giant is known for changing the way we view ad sales online, but now they're trying something a little more old fashioned....

New Advertiser: LowCostBusinesses.net

I’m happy to have LowCostBusinesses.net onboard as a new advertiser.

New Advertiser: Maid to Sparkle

We’re excited to have a new advertiser onboard today: Maid to Sparkle is a new residential cleaning franchise. Look for a future post...

New Advertiser: Typing Bug Virtual Assistant Services

We’re happy to welcome Typing Bug Virtual Assistant Services onboard as new advertiser. They are promoting their mentoring program designed for new virtual...

Thank You Advertisers

This website wouldn't be what it is without the generous support our our sponsors and advertisers. This website is made possible by the...

Advertiser Profile: Wix.com

We're very happy to have Wix.com as a sponsor of this website. Here's some more information about them. Wix.com is a unique free Flash...


How To Make People Want Your Advertisement

  photo credit: dailyinvention When advertising to the public, it is important to grab their attention right off the bat to make them want and...

Advertisements on the Moon

A new company wants to use robots to carve advertising messages on the surface of the Moon. New Shadow Shaping technology creates images on the...

Advertise Your Biz For Free

Rhonda Abrams for USA TODAY: Wouldn't you like to get some free advertising for your business? And not just any advertising – but advertising that's...

Attracting Advertisers Online

photo credit: nit bruna While a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that making money off of other business’ advertising on their...
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6 Freaky Things You May Not Know About Mobile Apps

One out of every two people in the world uses a smartphone, the most popular apps make over $200 million per day, and other freaky facts.
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How to Boost the ROI of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient digital marketing strategy organizations have available for reaching new clients. However, you should ensure that you are doing everything to maximize the return on your investment.