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Key Ways in Which IT Has Altered the Way You Can Do Business

It's fair to say that technology plays an important role in the business world. There are a lot of machines and products that involve...

Remote Work Is More Attainable Than You Think

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us shop, work, communicate, and live. Let's discuss the challenges it has created for the work force in 2021 and how to overcome them.
Business Technologies

5 Top Trending Business Technologies in 2021

It is true, technologies in the world is evolving faster than humans, which makes it a little scary. However, these technology trends have proved quite useful in our lives, especially in our business sector.
pdf file - featured image

5 Reasons Why a PDF File Is Better Than a Word Document

We are all used to working with Microsoft Word, but Adobe Acrobat is much better for creating documents, manuals, projects, and almost anything else. Adobe can do so much more than Word, making a PDF file far better than a Word document for many reasons.
mission - featured image

Why Your Company Mission Drives Your Culture

Knowing the mission behind a company is vital. It clarifies the purpose for what you do and serves as the blueprint for how you do it.

Is Blockchain the Way Forward for Startups?

Today, people from all over the world are embracing blockchain and bitcoin and Start-ups are profiting from the advantages which blockchain tech provides.

Why You Should Outsource Bookkeeping Tasks

The online community has grown significantly in the past few years, bringing business owners closer to professionals who can assist with various back end business needs such as bookkeeping. This in turn has enabled businesses to run more smoothly and to earn more profit.
CBD Products

Launch a Lucrative Ecommerce Store with a Focus on CBD Products

You are only a few clicks away from starting your own successful ecommerce dynasty with a focus on CBD products. As an entrepreneur, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity just like this one.

Editing PDFs No Longer Needs to Be a Massive Headache

Even though software has come far in the digital age, just about every company still uses PDFs to some extent. Despite being more than two decades old, the format remains an extremely popular one among companies big and small and across every industry. Unfortunately, PDFs are not without their shortcomings. One of the biggest complaints from users: Editing PDFs is extremely difficult.

How to Get Your Business Off to an Automated Start

Watching your business grow is thrilling. Seeing all that hard work and creativity come together and your innovative ideas coming to fruition is incredibly motivating. However, perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering if it might be time to switch to an automated system. Using easy process automation software to track workflows is one of the best investments you can make to keep productivity and development on the rise.

All That Glitters: Should You Really Be Investing in Gold?

Many a business owner is looking to make wise investments in order to build financial stability for his or her company. In this light you might have heard that gold is a stable investment. It is true that few assets can match its liquidity. Plus, its spiritual and cultural relevance around the world ensures that it will remain an integral part of the world economy. However, while gold is still a safe investment, it is not the wisest or most productive form of investment. Below is a list of reasons why you should reconsider investing in gold if you are looking for better returns and profit.
green office

Creating a Green Office Environment Is Easy

Creating a green office space is not as hard as it might seem. As a matter of fact, there is a range of methods you can apply in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, outfitting your space so as to transform it into green office needn't be costly. And doing so can often save you money in the long term. Let's look in more detail at some of the things you can start doing right away.

Franchising: The Key to Easy Branding

A major challenge that many entrepreneurs face is branding. It's extremely difficult for start-up businesses to establish a solid brand name that becomes popular...

Asian Carp is a HUGE Business Opportunity

Although the asian carp is an invasive species of fish in the United States, that could potentially destroy the ecosystem of the Mississippi and...

Five Must Haves for Any Start-Up Business

So you have a great idea for a business and now you’ve developed and refined your product and/or service, it’s time to get your...

The End of Peak Oil

Remember Peak Oil? That was the theory that at some point soon, we would reach the point at which the rate of petroleum prodution...

Bishops Takes Out The Traditional Barbershop And Brings It Into The Next Generation

If you intend to break into the hair business, then you will need to bring something unique. After all, it will be the...

How to Really Go Paperless

The following post is made possible by support from UPS. Back in 1975, Business Week ran an incredibly cognizant article about the office of the...

Today in Entrepreneurial History: October 9

On this day in 1900, American inventor, Joseph Friedman, was born. His most successful invention: the flexible drinking straw. While sitting in...

Niche: Raincoat With Umbrella Hood

People have been inventing new ways to stay dry for a while, but Athanasia Leivaditou's combined umbrella rain coat takes it to a whole...