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Technological Innovations Streamline Healthcare Management

As technology evolves, it plays a significant role in the medical industry. Basically, it allows doctors and patients to stay connected, streamlining healthcare management and creating a higher level of safety for many.
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7 Top Tips to Increase Amazon Sales in 2021

Amazon.com, Inc. is the world’s biggest online platform for retailing. Beginning as it did as a bookshop on the internet, its story demonstrates the value of strategic thinking, marketing, and perseverance. You can glean useful tips from its history to increase your company’s Amazon sales in 2021.
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Discover Useful Content More Easily Than Ever: How and Where

Whether you're a blogger or a marketer or you wear some other hat, you have probably noticed that it's not that easy to discover useful content. There are some tools that can help, though. Read on to find out more.
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Tips for Creating a Successful Brand Campaign

Done right, brand campaigns have the potential to lift any business to the next level. Here are five tips for running a successful brand campaign.
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Media Training: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Media training is a specialist course designed to coach businesspeople on how to act in public interviews and how to get the best results from media appearances. It exists to help individuals learn to come across well on screen or over the radio.
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Increase Brand Visibility with These 7 Marketing Tools

Want to enhance brand visibility? Use these seven marketing tools to increase brand visibility and awareness and drive up sales and lead generation.
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Is Starting a Vape Shop a Good Business Decision in 2020?

There are great potential profits in the vaping industry, despite its recent regulatory difficulties in the US. In fact, there’s still plenty of room for new companies to jump in and participate. Moreover, starting a vape shop is something almost any entrepreneur can do.
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The Fastest-Growing Online Industries in Australia

For a nation that has traditionally been tied to primary industries like agriculture and mining, Australia has shown that it is no stranger to online technologies. So, what are the key areas where these online innovators are working?
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6 Types of Online Marketing Your Business Needs

The six different types of online marketing channels we discuss here will provide the highest return on your investment—scoring you the most conversions at the lowest cost.

Billing Your Clients: Should You Charge by the Hour or per Project?

The decision how you should be billing your clients is an important one. This is true for many business areas, such as IT, design, and architecture. There are two common approaches: billing by the hour or billing a flat rate for each project. Each option has its benefits and its drawbacks. Let's try to figure out which approach is best for your situation.
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SEO: For the Newbies

SEO is everywhere because the internet is constantly changing. In order for businesses to keep up with demand, they have to cater to an audience that lives and breathes the internet. So, what’s up with SEO? Here’s all the basics you need to know.

Trustify Founders Bring Lofty Aims to Surveillance Work

The surveillance company Trustify relies upon a highly evolved technology platform. With it, the company connects clients across the United States to a nationwide network of vetted and well trained private investigators.

Arbitrators: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a group of techniques that helps businesses and individuals to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of going to court. Within ADR, there are several different approaches. Mediation, for example, involves a neutral third party who consults with two or more disputants to assist in reaching a settlement. Businesses certainly use mediation to settle disputes. However, they more commonly use the ADR method of arbitration for reaching a binding decision. Instead of simply mediating, one or more arbitrators makes a legally binding decision on behalf of the disputants.

Now Continues to Be an Excellent Time to Invest in Ecommerce

If you haven’t noticed, ecommerce is taking the world by storm, and with for good reason. The industry is well established, but it also continues to be quite innovative. For example, there are a handful of big players like Amazon and eBay. However, there is still plenty of room for small business startups. The bottom line? It’s a good time to invest in ecommerce.

5 Tips for More Efficient Warehouse Operations

Efficiency is a top concern of any business with an onsite warehouse or distribution center. To keep customers happy and remain profitable, your warehouse needs to operate with no significant hitches. While it's easier said than done, you can implement some simple tactics to help your warehouse run with less friction and greater output.

Now You Really Can Work from Anywhere—Including Working at Sea

The world of telecommunication has made it possible for anyone to work from anywhere—including working at sea. Mobility is the wave of the present and the future. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners can now fully operate their businesses anywhere in the world, whether by land, sea, or sky. They can set up their office space on land in the traditional manner, in an office with a landline, fax machine, cable internet, mail box, and front door. Alternatively, they can set up at a Starbucks with a laptop computer. Or they can set up their office temporarily in First Class, soaring the skies on a commercial flight or aboard a private plane. You'll find the truly adventurous, however, working at sea.

How to Spot a Scam Franchise Opportunity

We’d like to tell you that every franchise opportunity that’s out there is completely legitimate, but that simply wouldn’t be true. Whether we like...

Behind the Scenes of Shark Tank’s Pipcorn

The founders of Pipcorn entered the Shark Tank last year on November 17 and walked out as winners.
Leverage Drone

Leverage Drones to Your Entrepreneurial Advantage

Businesses and corporations have been making use, or are thinking of making use, of drones for a wide variety of purposes.

Ice Cream as Health Food: Business Ideas in the News

Not just healthy ice cream, but actual ice cream as health food and more, in today's Business Ideas in the News.