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Photo Announcements With The Marmalade Touch

Their are 2 things Pascale Pace and Alicia Johnson have in common. One is that they're both moms. The other? They're...

Twisted Limb Has A Firm Grasp On The Eco Trend

Before it was cool to be green, there was Twisted Limb Paperworks. Since 1998, Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese has been crafting and selling 100% recycled, eco-friendly paper...
kids going over business ideas

Kid Business Ideas

It’s never too early for kids to dive into entrepreneurship. Whether they want to earn some extra money or are inspired to...
web design - featured image

6 Web Design Tools You Can Use in Your Business

Technology gives anyone who has a bit of artistic vision the ability to do web design. Here are six web design tools you can use for your business. These tools will take the hassle out of your website design and add value to your site.

Stuffed Toys That Kids Can Wear

It's simply a fact of life that when parents travel with children their favorite toys must come along for the ride. Even if...

BodyCo: A Tattoo Franchise

Last week I spoke with Paul Cooper from BodyCo, a tattoo franchise in Canada. I don't have an tattoos, and after talking to...