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How to Become a Successful Beach Body Coach Online in 2022

Have you developed your own body and want to help others do the same? Then perhaps you should start a beach body coaching program online. Here's how.
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QNET: The Right Air Purifier Is Vital for Good Health

Protect the health of your employees by adding an additional layer of protection with the purchase of an air purifier for your small business.
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Health-Life Balance for Peace of Mind

Life can get hectic. And when it does, our health is often the first thing that gets ignored. Finding a health-life balance leads to peace of mind.

Work from Home? Make Improvements for Better Health and Productivity

If you work from home, follow these tips for making a few simple home improvements. When you do, you'll enjoy both your work and your leisure time more.
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The Seven Top Healthcare Technology Innovations of 2018

The year 2018 has seen a lot of advancements in the field of healthcare technology. These serve as a basis for multiple innovations and inventions. What's more, many of these advancements could change the face of healthcare. We share here a list of some of the many recent technical innovations in the field of healthcare technology.
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4 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier and Healthier 

How important to you is a productive workday in your business? Nobody can deny that a successful business can be traced back to hardworking and productive employees. It’s also true that nobody can deny that people feel more inclined to work harder when they feel valued and happy. Here we discuss several ways for encouraging productivity by making employees happier and improving their health.

How Technology Is Changing the Future of Healthcare

Nobody can expect technology to grow as rapidly as it has without affecting our world for the better. Neither can anybody deny that the Internet of Things is making our lives easier. Luckily, technology’s growth is expanding to the healthcare industry. Let's take a look at some of the ways this is happening.
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Run with These 5 Viable Ideas for a Health and Fitness Startup

According to a recent survey from MyProtein, millennials prioritize health and fitness spending over education. That is, they spend £80,000 over a lifetime for health and fitness, compared to £30,000 for an average undergrad degree. So if you’re a gym genius with nutrition knowledge, you can turn your pastime into a new career. But you’ll have to plan ahead before monetizing your vision. Here are five viable ideas for a health and fitness startup.

Feeling Burnt Out? A Mental Health Holiday Could Be What You Need

It's tough being an entrepreneur. You deal with stress on an everyday basis. So now and then, you need to step back and take a mental health holiday. Here, we offer some suggestions for some quick and easy getaways that will leave your spirit refreshed.
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Health and Fitness Tips for Business Owners

The life of an entrepreneur is thrilling. However, the long days, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep will eventually take a toll on the state of your health. Part of being a successful business owner is maintaining a good balance between work life and home life. You need to be in the best physical shape possible to ensure that your business receives your full attention all the time. If you find yourself failing in the health department, follow these ten simple nutrition and fitness tips to get your mind and body back on track to good health.

Green Initiatives, Health and Financial Benefits; Why You Should Choose to Cycle to Work

There are so many good reasons to jump on your bike to work, rather than jumping in the car. We have seen around a...

Little Known Benefits of Health Insurance

Accidents, injuries and illnesses occur all the while, so much so that we all know at least one person from our extended families who’s...

Health Club Looks For Nantwich Franchisee

Crewe Chronicle: A Shropshire fitness chain is looking for business partners in Nantwich to open a franchise. The Bodytech health club business already owns and operates...

Fitness Revolution Franchisee Tyler English Signs Book Deal With Men’s Health

San Francisco Chronicle: Connecticut fitness professional and Fitness Revolution franchisee Tyler English finalized plans to author Men's Health Bodybuilder's Bible, the magazine announced earlier this...

Dynamic Health Programme Grows In Popularity

Businessandleadership.com: Further to having to close the fitness centre he’d been running for 36 years, David Hegarty decided to focus on a new programme in...

Zurvita Showcases New Products From Health & Wellness Division at "Freedom Crusade" National Conference

PR-USA.net: Zurvita, a dynamic direct-to-consumer network marketing company known for offering turn-key solutions for high-quality consumer and business products and services, reported today that industry...

Body Scanner Blocking Underwear

A Colorado man has created what he feels is a product that can help people that do not want to bare all to full...

Ex-McDonald’s Execs Plan Healthy Eatery

MediaPost News: Right now, they're calling it Stephanie's after one of the principal's daughters, but that may change before the first one opens next year...

BodyCo: A Tattoo Franchise

Last week I spoke with Paul Cooper from BodyCo, a tattoo franchise in Canada. I don't have an tattoos, and after talking to...

Mom Teaches Kids About Healthy Cooking

The Capital: Melissa Owens is a fast-talking, high-energy mom on a mission - and she's constantly cooking up new ideas. The Annapolis resident runs Deliciously Nutritious,...