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Building Your Brand Is Essential to Your Success

Building your brand is more than a one-day task. It requires much hard work, dedication, and teamwork. In this article we discuss the fundamentals of building your brand.
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How to Go About Building Your Personal Brand

Most people normally associate the word “brand” with a business. However, a personal brand is a representation of who you are in the marketplace. It is a profile of your skills and passions out there for all the world to see. But how do you begin building your personal brand?
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How to Invest in a Brand New Watch Company

Investing in a company is not just about ponying up the cash. You'll also be giving a lot of your time and energy. However, if you were to invest in a brand new watch company, your chances of success can be excellent.
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Branding: It’s Important for Your Business

When you see McDonald’s golden arches, or Nike’s iconic swoop, you know what brand they represent. For your business, too, branding establishes trust and recognition among your target audience. Here are seven reasons why.
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4 Killer Strategies for Boosting Your Brand

Raising awareness for your brand is an essential component of getting a new business off the ground. However, you may need some killer strategies, like the ones here, to keep things moving.
CBD brand

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing a CBD Brand

Marketing a CBD brand is challenging, likely because of confusion about cannabis products. Here, we attempt to clear up some of the confusion.
bank marketing

3 Bank Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Brand

When it comes to bank marketing, building brand awareness demands a lot of effort, some creativity, and a clear and calculated strategy. Follow these tips if you want to build a positive brand image in your community.
use instagram

5 Reasons You Should Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Instagram has become a leading social media platform. That's because it helps brands to form more personal connections with their customers. By educating themselves about consumer behaviors, businesses can use Instagram to connect with their target audience.
recession proof

Make Your Brand Recession Proof in 2019

Is there a recession coming in 2019? Honestly, we’ve no idea. But when it comes to your company and your livelihood, it makes sense to prepare for the worst by making your brand recession proof.
branding events

Innovative Ways to Promote Your Business at Branding Events

Standing out in a crowd of thousands of people at a trade show is no easy task. This is especially true when a hundred other vendors are trying to do the same thing. For branding events like these, this is the time to attract attention and spread your name to those who aren’t familiar with your company. Here are some innovative ideas on how to promote your business creatively at branding events.
social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Will Help You to Humanize Your Brand

Social media marketing and social networking can help your business with its business network marketing. That's because social media marketing will connect your business with its customers, clients, or prospects. Billions of people interact on social media every day. What's more, each of these people has the potential to become your customer, even your promoter.
custom apparel

Take Advantage of Branding Perks with Custom Apparel

Imagine looking for help in a grocery store but having no idea who’s an employee and who’s a shopper. Or, think about what it would be like for a real estate agent not to have business cards to give to prospective clients. Business owners and professionals alike know the importance of presenting a clear company image. One of the most popular and effective ways to build a company image is through the use of custom apparel.

3 Signs That It’s Time for You to Engage a Branding Services Company

Some companies are in desperate need of an update to their branding. Does your business fall into this category? Would you recognize the signs if this were the case? Furthermore, would you know what to do if your company needed an update to its branding? Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to engage with a branding service immediately.
brand message

The Best Ways to Deliver Your Brand Message to Your Target Audience

It is vital that, alongside marketing your product or service, you also deliver your brand message to your target audience. Ultimately, this will help you to achieve your goals and create a loyal following of returning customers. To understand the best way to deliver this message there are a few things you need to do first.

Branding Your Small Business: 5 Dynamite Tips to Get You Started

Branding is a crucial element for any business, whether it's B2B or retail, small or large. Your brand basically refers to the image your business projects to customers and prospects. Your branding is based on who is in your target market and what you offer. It is revealed in how your products and services are delivered. When done properly, branding helps build positive associations, memories, and emotions in customers' minds. A strong brand will create loyalty and boost your company's growth and profits. Here are some great strategies for successfully branding your small business.

Promotional Merchandise: A Remarkable Investment for Brand Marketing

Promotional merchandise is an especially cost-effective marketing technique. That's because promotional products that have your logo and brand name on them have a compelling impact on your clients. Promotional merchandise helps clients remember your brand, facilitating more sales and better ROI.

A Startup That Uses Powerful AI Algorithms to Build Better Brands

There is nothing new about the concept of branding. Business owners have always sought unique and compelling logos and company mottos that appeal to their customers. These days, they also seek to create a company culture that employees will find fulfilling and glamorous. However, there is a new approach to branding today, thanks to innovative startups like Tailor Brands. Read on to learn some of the ways Tailor Brands is empowering small businesses today.
brand awareness

4 Tips on Creating Solid Brand Awareness in Canada

Are you looking to start up a business, but have no idea how to go about creating the brand awareness to actually promote it? Brand awareness is important because it’s often the first step in building advertising objectives, so those who have no brand awareness are likely to find themselves with minimal leads and little customer engagement.

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Brand

Are you racking your brain trying to figure out the best way to market your brand or company? And wouldn't you just love to increase your reach to your target market? Well, then, have you heard about the power of influencer marketing? Influencer marketing has the potential to rapidly accelerate the growth and visibility of your brand. Used well, it can pull your brand out of obscurity and into the global limelight.
promotional items

Promotional Items: A Classic Method for Increasing Brand Awareness

While most folks consider promotional materials a luxury more than a necessity, there is good reason to believe that promotional materials do a lot more to build brand awareness than is typically believed. Fortune 500 companies and startup companies alike spend millions of dollars each year on promotional items. T-shirts, key chains, letter openers, and other objects are the usual suspects. Interestingly, there is research into how and why these items are most effective. As it turns out, they’re most likely to be the most successful in increasing brand awareness when people use them in places where they do most of their business decision-making.