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3D printing - featured image

6 Ways 3D Printing Saves Businesses Money

Known also as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is recognized for its ability to produce highly precise parts quickly and efficiently. In this guide, we explore how additive manufacturing helps companies save money.
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Data Security: 6 Steps Small Businesses Should Take

Thousands of cybersecurity attacks take place every day. Even worse, the threat of an attack only seems to go up with each passing year. With that in mind, here are a few basic steps every entrepreneur should take to ensure their company's data security.
Communication Systems

5 Best Communication Systems for Small Businesses

Maintaining an agile and scalable business communication system should rank high on any small business’ list of priorities to be successful. Learn which systems are the best for your small business.
Entrepreneur Checklist

Essential Entrepreneur Checklist for New Businesses

Are you thinking about launching a new business? Follow these essential steps of our entrepreneur checklist to ensure a successful and productive start.
DDoS attacks - featured image

DDoS Attacks: A Growing Threat to Online Businesses

Distributed denial-of-service attacks, or DDoS attacks, are more common nowadays than ever before. What’s more, they are also more sophisticated and more difficult to defend against. Here is how you can set up an effective response plan against a possible DDoS attack on your business.
australian - featured image

How Australian Businesses Are Managing During COVID-19

In Australia, as elsewhere, the pandemic has significantly affected individuals' lives, and businesses of all sizes have suffered as a result of the virus.
future businesses

How AI Will Affect Future Businesses in a Variety of Industries

AI and the technological revolution we now face could lead to improved standards of living for people around the world. We call this oncoming revolution the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let's try to understand in this post how AI will affect future businesses.
management change

Russell Ruffino Brings Management Change to Businesses

Whether it's products or services or a combination thereof, the success of a business enterprise depends on its management. The energy, enthusiasm, and creativity of a company's management and leadership shape the course of its daily activities. Moreover, if these qualities are lacking, your company is probably due for a management change.

Equipped to Operate: Does Your Business Have the Equipment It Needs?

You might dread spending the money initially. However, new equipment can save your business money. Items under warranty will take the worry out of maintenance and repair, for example. What's more, newer, more powerful equipment can make jobs easier to complete, with better results. Finally, something brand new might be safer to operate than the old or faulty equipment you have now. Longevity, productivity, and safety are within reach when you update your equipment this year.

How Businesses Can Reduce Energy Expenses During Cold Weather

The winter of 2017-2018 is proving to be a challenge in many ways. However, businesses throughout the US Northeast are finding ways to keep energy costs down while still being productive. It takes some effort on everyone's part, but it is possible for your business to find ways to keep energy costs under control during the blustery weather of this frosty winter.

Coupon Businesses: How They Make Their Money

Coupon businesses work by promoting other companies' product discounts directly to customers. How it works is this: They collect coupons from participating companies. Participating companies get a wider audience and therefore a boost to their business. Meanwhile, consumers get a good deal. And, oh yes, the coupon business gets a commission for any sales. All the while, the coupon company looks for other opportunities. Some of them make their money through direct sales while others get it through sales and offers such as the methods we describe here.
Big data and analytics are necessities for modern business

Big Data and Analytics Are Necessities for Modern Businesses

As a business owner, it is almost certain that you’ve heard the term big data at some point or another. While plenty of business owners have heard the phrase, most are still not familiar with it or its true value. Until recently, analyzing big data was nearly impossible for smaller to medium sized businesses. The cost was enormous and simply unreasonable. Today, though, technology has made business analytics more accessible and affordable. In fact, more and more companies are deciding to use big data to drive their decisions.

How Has Technology Changed the Way SMEs Operate?

Technology has completely changed the workplace in the past 30 years. Who would have guessed back then we'd have things like cloud storage, hackers, teleconferencing, live chat and social media to contend with. Things are changing fast and the only certain thing is that we need to get on board so our businesses won't be left behind.

Reasons Entrepreneurs Sell Their Online Businesses

Buyers will often ask, “If a business is successful and profitable, why is the owner selling?” Well, there are multiple reasons why entrepreneurs decide to start their own online businesses or purchase existing ones. Likewise, there are just as many reasons why they consider selling their online businesses at some point.

Types of Home Based Businesses

Consider the following types of businesses that you could run from the comfort of your very own home.

5 Of the Best-Kept Secrets from the Biggest Businesses in the World

When drawing inspiration for business success, it doesn't hurt to look at the tactics of those right at the top of their game. After...
How to Start a mobile boutique business

50+ Truck Businesses That Don’t Sell Food

If taco trucks are the only thing you think of when you imagine truck businesses, guess again. Here are 50+ different businesses that operate on four wheels that you just might want to check out!!

From Small Businesses To Large Corporations: Be Prepared For Unexpected Power Outages

Savvy business owners are proactively making arrangements to secure their productivity and property in the event of an unforeseen emergency, such as a temporary...

10 Money Saving Tips for New Businesses

The early years of any new business are always the hardest and many new start-ups struggle to stay afloat, even with a great concept...

Efficiency Is Key: Top Tips for Small Businesses

Don't be fooled. Running a small business is a massive financial risk. Even if you've researched the market well and have a quality product...